SDP Conference 2011 is Coming

January 17, 2011

SDP Conference 2011 is Coming

SDP Conference 2011 is Coming
Sela Developer Practice
(SDP) conference will occur between 13 to 16 of March. In this annual conference we (Sela Group) are going to share the current and future Microsoft technologies. The conference will give you a chance to see the best lecturers and leading experts, to be exposed to new technologies and to learn about the Microsoft products that have been launched last year. This is of course an opportunity to meet with colleagues from different organizations and to share knowledge.

In the conference I’m going to have a session about Code First in Entity Framework and to attend the MVP Panel which is an ask the experts like session. Also, I’m taking a part in an very interesting Entity Framework seminar along with Ido Flatow and Erez Harari. In the seminar we are going to talk about O/RM as a concept, explore Entity Framework as an O/RM solution and talk about best practices for using Entity Framework in applications. This is going to be fun. 

There are other tutorials and sessions that are very recommended so if you want to be a part of the conference you can go to the conference web site – SDP.
See you there.

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