Entity Framework Feature CTP5 Released

December 8, 2010


Entity Framework Feature CTP5 Released

Yesterday, ADO.Net team released the EF feature CTP5. Entity Framework Feature CTP5 ReleasedThe feature CTP contains new features for Entity Framework that are planed to be shipped as a stand alone package in the first quarter of 2011. The main feature in the package is Code First which allows you to define your model using C# or VB.Net classes only. This approach will be added to the previous EF approaches: Model First and Database First to form a better framework for common data access development scenarios. Other features are the lightweight DbContext and DbSets objects, T4 template for generating DbContext and DbSets, Fluent API for Code First that can be used for further configurating of a model and more.
You can download CTP5 from here.


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  1. TomDecember 9, 2010 ב 14:50

    Gil,what about dynamic object model, a model which enables the customer to

    add new properties(columns) at run time,any news in this issue?



  2. Gil FinkDecember 10, 2010 ב 13:49


    Currently dynamic object model isn’t supported in EF. The Code First feature might lead for that in the future.