MSDN Ultimate Subscriber Giveaways

September 12, 2010

MSDN Ultimate Subscriber Giveaways

A few days ago I got three MSDN subscribers for MSDN Ultimate to give away as I see fit.
MSDN Subscribers

The subscriptions allow their owner to download and own full featured versions of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, as well as most of Microsoft software. The retail value of such subscriber is approximately $12,000. Also, the subscriptions are valid for one year of use. 
So I thought to myself how do I intend to give away such a valuable gift? do I intend to give it in a session I deliver in a user group? or maybe I’m going to give it to one of my friends?
I discarded these ideas since I wanted to give away these subscribers to people who will deserve them.
I decided to give out two subscriptions to people in the Israeli development community that will be committed to volunteering at least 100 hours to develop open source projects during the following year. This way I’m giving the subscriptions to people who are willing to give back to the development community.   
Terms of participating:

  • You need to be an Israeli (because if you will be selected I’ll be able to give you the subscriber personally).
  • You are committed to volunteer to at least 100 hours to help developing an open source project during the following year.
  • Filling up the applying form.

The applying form will be open until the 26 of September. After this date I’ll choose two people that will be given the subscribers.
Open source projects that need help can also appoint me through my Blog contact form.

Stay tuned for more details and details about the third subscription.

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