Why I Became a .Net Developer?

August 31, 2010

Why I Became a .Net Developer? I’m being asked from time to time why I’ve chosen to work with .Net framework and in Microsoft world. Today I got that question again so I thought it will be nice to share the answer with my Blog readers. In my early days when I was a computer science student I started my first steps in development world with the Java language. At the end of my first year I took a summer course in .Net in order to learn what it was all about. To tell the...
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The Customer is Always Right

August 26, 2010

The Customer is Always Right One part of my job is consulting in a lot of .Net development areas. One of the annoying things that you have when you are technology consultant is that customers think that they can demand from you almost everything (even things that aren’t part of your job role). The problem with these thoughts is that if you don’t give them the things they want they can go to your boss and complain. That means that you’ll have to answer to whoever is paying your salary about things that aren’t exactly your everyday work. Moreover, since “the...
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Select N+1 Problem – How to Decrease Your ORM Performance

August 18, 2010

Select N+1 Problem – How to Decrease Your ORM Performance Today one of the developers at my main customer showed me a code snippet he wrote against Entity Framework and made me very pale. The code included the horrible select N+1 problem. This post will introduce the select N+1 pitfall and will explain how avoid it in Entity Framework. What is Select N+1 Problem? ORMs can help you to address the impedance mismatch between relational databases and object oriented models and by that make your life simpler. But not knowing about some...

My Article on This Week On Channel 9 Show

August 17, 2010

My Article on This Week On Channel 9 Show I got an email yesterday from Guy Burstein that pointed me to the “This week On Channel 9” show which includes a reference to one of the articles I published in The Code Project site. The article “How To Use Unity Container In ASP.NET MVC Framework” explains how to use Unity IoC container inside an ASP.NET MVC application. You can see the show here. They mention the article about 09:28 minutes after the show starts. Very flattering.   CodeProject 
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Using .Net WCF Syndication API to Read a Comments Feed

August 15, 2010

Using .Net WCF Syndication API to Read a Comments Feed In the last few days I have started a migration process to my own domain  – www.gilfink.net. Currently this domain is redirecting to this blog but in the near future I’ll move my blog to there. I’ll keep publishing in this blog along with the new one so don’t worry. One of the biggest problems I got stuck with was that this blog community server doesn’t include an export feature like in other blog platforms like BlogEngine.Net. So I’m currently building a migration tool to...
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EFProf – Profiler Tool for Entity Framework

August 12, 2010

EFProf – Profiler Tool for Entity Framework One of the important tools in your tool arsenal when you develop with an ORM tool is a profiler. Like SQL profiler to a SQL Server DBA an Entity Framework profiler is a must have tool to Entity Framework developer. The main reasons to acquire such a tool are to understand what is going on underneath the hood in the query engine and for performance tuning. If you think that you can use Entity Framework without knowing what it is committing to...

The Need for Source Control

August 10, 2010

The Need for Source Control Last week I’ve been at a customer.  The problem – non responsive UI since all the application run on the UI thread. So I took a look at the code and… I don’t like to tell about the horrible code I saw but to share a very painful problem I have seen. Even though source control systems are very common, there are customers that can make you “shout” at them when you come to a consulting session. In this customer controlling your sources in a...

Web Platform Installer – Web Installation on Steroids

August 8, 2010

Web Platform Installer – Web Installation on Steroids One of the most annoying things that I’m sometimes get stuck with is to install my machine with the latest components. Trying to grab all the installation packages for every application or library that I need can be a very painful thing and also consumes a lot of time. This is the reason that a tool like Web Platform Installer was very welcome to my arsenal of tools. In the post I’ll describe what is the Web Platform Installer and show a scenario of installation. Web Platform Installer As I wrote at...
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OData Session Slide Deck and Demos

August 2, 2010

OData Session Slide Deck and Demos Yesterday’s evening I delivered an OData session at the Israeli Web Developer Community (WDC) user group at Microsoft Ra’anana. The session included the following agenda: The OData need. What is OData? Creating and consuming OData feeds. I want to thank all the attendees who came to the session. I really enjoyed to deliver the content about OData and the audience was very cooperative with a lot of good questions that helped to highlight many crucial...

OData Session is Occurring Today

August 1, 2010

OData Session is Occurring Today Today at 17:30 I’m delivering an OData session at Microsoft office in Ra’anana. Come and hear about the Open Data Protocol, a new protocol for exposing and consuming data on the web. The OData ecosystem is a growing community of data producers and consumers using the Open Data Protocol to exchange data. The Open Data Protocol breaks down data silos and increases the shared value of data and its associated...
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