OData Explorer

July 6, 2010

OData Explorer

One nice tool to use with OData is theOData Explorer
OData Explorer. The OData Explorer
is a tool that helps to explore OData feeds
in a visual way and not by exploring the
Atom/JSON responses. You can download
the tool from here. Another way to use the
tool is by going to the following link:

OData Explorer Requirements

The tool is a Silverlight 4 project.
In order to use it you’ll have to answer these requirements:

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Silverlight 4 Developer runtime
  • Silverlight 4 SDK
  • Silverlight 4 tools for Visual Studio
  • Latest Silverlight Toolkit release for Silverlight 4

or of course use it on-line in the link I provided previously.

Using the Tool

When the tool start you’ll get to the Add New OData Workspace view:
OData explorer New OData Workshop

Here you can address your feed or address public OData feeds.
After choosing the workspace you’ll get into the tool:
Data Explorer 

Now you can go over the collections (entity sets) and get their information
in grid representation (which can be edited if the service is updatable):
Grid View

or in row data (Atom/JSON):
Atom JSON View

You can type your own queries in the upper text box or you can
use the Build Query view to create a query:
OData Query Builder


The OData Explorer is very useful tool when you want to
understand and look at OData feeds without understanding the
protocol. It comes with very nice features and can be very handy
in presenting your feeds.

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