FeedBurner Counter Hiccups

June 15, 2010

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FeedBurner Counter Hiccups

I’m using the FeedBurner Feedburner Counter Hiccups
counter in my blog from
day one in order to see
how many readers I have
in my blog. Using the service
I could see that during time the amount of readers in my
blog started to grow. In the last couple of weeks I could see
some counter hiccups. One day I had above 400 readers and
in the next day all the readers that are registered with
Google Feedfetcher suddenly disappeared and the counter dropped
to 200 readers. This behavior was written in the FeedBurner Status Blog
Today suddenly my counter exploded with 1261 readers. Since
yesterday it was 381 readers, I went to my FeedBurner account and
checked it. I could see that suddenly I have 885 readers which use
Even though it is flattering to have such an amount of readers, I guess
that this number isn’t true.
Since I remembered that in the past there were hacks that tempered
the counter using Netvibes, I write this post in order not to damage my
credibility. To be honest I wish this amount is true but I currently don’t
know if it is and I couldn’t find a way to contact FeedBurner in order
to check it out.

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