VS2010 Extension Manager

April 5, 2010

VS2010 Extension Manager

One of the great vs2010 logo
features in VS2010
is the extension
manager. In last
conference I talked
about it a little in my
session and showed 
an extension that I use.
Lets see what is it all about.

Using The Extension Manager

The extension manager in VS2010 is a manager that help to
manage and discover extensions to VS2010. In order to use it
we only need to go to the Tools menu and choose to use the
Extension Manager menu item. The following figure shows how to
start the extension manager:
Open Extension Manager 

After opening the manager we get to the following menu:
VS2010 Extension Manager

As you can see you can see all the installed extensions, to disable them or
uninstall them. Also You can discover extensions that exists in the online
extensions gallery:
Online Gallery

The last thing you can do is to look for extensions updates if they exists:
Extensions Update
As you can see there are no available updates for the extensions I use.


Using the extension manager is very simple and intuitive. It enables
great way to extend VS2010 as we wish or need. Of course if you like, you
can create your own extension but this is a story for another post.

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