Add Service Reference – How to Avoid Generating Already Existing Classes

April 28, 2010

Add Service Reference – How to Avoid Generating Already Existing Classes Today I was asked how to avoid generating an already existing  client class when we use the Add Service Reference menu item in Visual Studio. The Problem In the e-mail I got the question was regarding the use of ValidationResults (from the Validation Application Block) as a return type for a WCF Service. When they try to Add Service Reference to the service...

Enterprise Library 5 Fluent Configuration API

April 22, 2010

Enterprise Library 5 Fluent Configuration API One of the new Enterprise Library 5 improvements is a new fluent configuration API. In this post I’ll explain the subject and then show how to use the fluent configuration API with the Data Access Application Block. Fluent Configuration API There are times that we would like to configure our application at runtime without using a configuration file such as web.config or app.config. In order to achieve that we can use the new fluent configuration API that was shipped with Enterprise Library 5. The API can be used to configure the core, instrumentation and all of...

Enterprise Library 5 Released

April 21, 2010

Enterprise Library 5 Released The new release of Enterprise Library 5 is available in Codeplex site. This new release brings a  massive change in the architecture and the core of Enterprise Library such as refactoring all the Application Blocks to work with Unity and  dropping the old ObjectBuilder library. Also we got a new look and feel for the configuration tool which is now implemented in WPF:    We get more improvements to the application blocks themselves such as data accessors in Data Access Application Block or optimizations in the Logging Application Block. There is a new programmatic configuration...
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Book Review – C# in Depth – What You Need to Master C# 2 and 3

April 15, 2010

Book Review – C# in Depth – What You Need to Master C# 2 and 3 In the last weeks  I read the book “C# in Depth – What You Need to Master C# 2 and 3” that was written by Jon Skeet. You might ask yourself why I bothered reading a book about C# 2 and 3. The answer is very simple.  Knowing some material isn’t enough and reading leads to wide and deeper knowledge. One of the first things that I recommend people who ask me how can I learn and gain programming knowledge is reading good...
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SQL For .Net Developers First Session

SQL For .Net Developers First Session   Microsoft is conducting a SQL For .Net Developers series of sessions. I got the honor to deliver the first session about Entity Framework 4.0 & LINQ. The session will take place on the 5.5.2010 at Microsoft office in Raananastarting at 17:00 till 19:00. For further details (in Hebrew) and registration you can use this link.  See you there!

Building ASP.NET Validator using Data Annotations

April 8, 2010

Building ASP.NET Validator using Data Annotations In this post I’m going to describe an implementation of ASP.NET validator that uses the new System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations  assembly that comes in .NET 4. The Validator In order to create the validator you need to inherit from the BaseValidator abstract class and implement its EvaluateIsValid method. I’ve created an ASP.NET Server Control project and added a control class that do the exact thing.You need to reference the  System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations assembly in order for it to work. Here is how it’s implemented: namespace Validators{ public class DataAnnotationValidator : BaseValidator { ...
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OData Visualizer Extension

April 6, 2010

OData Visualizer Extension Yesterday I wrote about VS2010 extension manager. One of the great extensions that you can download and use is the OData Visualizer. The OData Visualizer helps us to get a visual graph of the OData Protocol’s types, properties, associations, and other aspects of the EDM which you get from an OData metadata endpoint. ...

VS2010 Extension Manager

April 5, 2010

VS2010 Extension Manager One of the great features in VS2010 is the extension manager. In last DevAcademy4 conference I talked about it a little in my session and showed  an extension that I use. Lets see what is it all about. Using The Extension Manager The extension manager in VS2010 is a manager that help to manage and discover extensions to VS2010....