The Regulator

February 2, 2010

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The Regulator

Yesterday, I reviewed a regular expression that The Regulator Logo
was written by one of the developers and
I needed to improve it since it wasn’t performing
the appropriate thing. Since I know The Regulator
tool, I opened it and in 5 minutes I came up with this
regular expression which validate Israeli phone/cellular


With The Regulator I created and checked the expression and
then implemented it in the application.

What is The Regulator?

The Regulator is a free tool that was written by Roy Osherove.
It’s purpose is to help us create regular expressions and also
to test them inside The Regulator application. It allows the
building and verifying of regular expressions and also includes
testing functionality that enable us to see a display of the hierarchical
tree that will be generated by match, replace and split operations.
The following screen show the main screen of The Regulator:
The Regulator

Where Can You Download It?

You can download the tool from here.


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one comment

  1. Michael C.January 10, 2016 ב 20:51

    Came up with a more comprehensive regex for Israeli phone numbers and thought I’d share:
    It accounts for the country code, plus sign prefix, dash/space/dot separators, etc. The only thing it doesn’t do that yours does is check that the area code is a valid one, which is an intentional omission since area codes do get added, modified, or merged every now and then.