Sessions in Sela SDP

December 31, 2009

Sessions in Sela SDP Yesterday I finished my part in the Sela SDP with two sessions. The first session I delivered was EF4 evolution in .NET 4. In that session I showed the new features of EF4 which make it a mature technology. I want to thank the audience that attended the session. Since I finished the lecture early, I also had an improvised session about how to create inheritance with EF. In...

Father for the Second Time

December 28, 2009

Father for the Second Time This is not my usual technical blog posts. Somebody asked me today where Iโ€™ve been in the last two weeks. The answer is in the title :-) My wife gave birth to my second child, Eyal, almost two weeks ago. I took a small vacation in order to help my wife in the first days of the maternity leave. I will return blogging in the near future. Stay tuned!
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ORM Day at Sela SDP

ORM Day at Sela SDP Today I took a part of an ORM tutorial day at Sela SDP conference. The day included the following sessions: ORM and EF by Ido Flatow EF and NHibernate Head to Head by Erez Harari and Bernie Almosni EF Deep Dive by myself Real World Data Patterns with ORM by Erez Harari and Bernie Almosni Experts panel with all the gang of four (Ido, Bernie, Erez and myself) ...

T4 Templates in Entity Framework 4

December 5, 2009

T4 Templates in Entity Framework 4 T4 templates or Text Template Transformation Toolkit is a mean of creating a code generation artifacts which can save a lot of time. This technology is a part of Visual Studio since 2005 but was one of those technologies that were kept in secret by Microsoft. Almost all the code generation stuff...

Get Ready for Sela SDP Conference

December 4, 2009

Get Ready for Sela SDP Conference The PDC conference is over. A new conference is on the way. The SDP conference is going to happen between the  27 to 30 of December. In that conference we (Sela Group)  are going to to share the future technologies including the ones that where exposed in the Microsoft PDC. In the...

Windows Server AppFabric

Windows Server AppFabric One of the announcements in the PDC was the release of beta1 for a new windows server which is called AppFabric. What is AppFabric? From the AppFabric site โ€“ โ€œWindows Server AppFabric is a set of integrated technologies that make it easier to build, scale and manage Web and composite applications that run on IIS.โ€ AppFabric is a collection of technologies in one consolidated...