Management From Hell

September 9, 2009


Management From Hell

This post is a result of a conversation I had with my wife.
My wife is also in the Hi-Tech world and she is a senior Java developer (yes
computers runs in the family ;-)). Last week we talked about what is
going on in the project that she is assigned to and I couldn’t believe what
I’m hearing.  Apparently, the managers there just lost their mind…
Sentences like:

  • “I don’t want/care about quality code I want to see that you work a
    lot of hours”
  • “Do you have a family? kids? if not you don’t have excuses not to work
    above 11 hours a day”
  • “Developers that don’t do more then 11 hours a day will be transferred
    to the QA team” – until now three developers were “punished” and felt
    the wrath of the managers
  • “You must do at least 11 hours a day!” (in Israel the average working
    hours is 9 hours a day)
  • And many many more “good” sentences like that.

Since the project’s status is on schedule then it is very foolish of managers
to act like that. Instead of encouraging the workers to do their job, these
managers are ”throwing very big stones” at their workers (even though it
isn’t necessary). From what my wife tells me the workers are very embittered.
Some of them are looking for new jobs. Others just turned to be very apathetic
in regard to their job or developed antagonism for their job.

What do you think about this situation?
What will you do if you were in my wife’s place?
Would you eat that cake?

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  1. NoamSeptember 9, 2009 ב 12:59

    I had a manager that shouted in full developers forum of the company told us that the next bug that stops the integration will get his developer fired.

    The next day that maanger was fired due to that sentence.

    buttom line -> Every Manager has a Manager and if not than maybe it is good enough hint to runaway.

  2. Pini DayanSeptember 9, 2009 ב 13:34

    First of all i will not write a post about it for cases here bosses will watch what you wrote and figure our who this post is all about 🙂

  3. Gil FinkSeptember 9, 2009 ב 14:15

    We talked about it and she doesn’t care whether they read it or not 🙂

  4. Pini DayanSeptember 9, 2009 ב 15:46

    OK. So tell her to start find a new job. She is better of somewhere else 🙂

  5. ShlomiSeptember 9, 2009 ב 18:43

    Developers can be measured in many ways.

    To measure them by the many hours they work is a very foolish one.

    Maybe she could start a blog like yours 😉

    Or – if you’ve seen the TV show ‘six lessons for happiness’ – it said that to be a nurse, an elementary school teacher or a kindergarten teacher – will make her much happier.

    I’m starting to think in this direction as well 😉

  6. ManuelSeptember 10, 2009 ב 16:42

    Stupidity doesn’t deserve attention, there are too many workaholic control freaks around, don’t let her fall for their insanity, it’s their psychological problem, not hers.

  7. MarkSeptember 12, 2009 ב 4:43

    Leave. Get out. If people want to work more hours they can. But being bullied?

    This kind of mindset by management will screw them in the short and long run. You don’t want to be there when it all goes to heck. And you definitely don’t want to be the last one.

  8. elzeSeptember 12, 2009 ב 23:52

    Oh my God… I’ve worked on several project with big pressure and managers have done great mistakes but not that far. Clearly the manager IS NOT a manager. By now I work for a company and we’ve done great job (develpper team) but managers are making us crazy. So I’ m applying for another job and i think i’ll leave in 2 months…