Do We Need Design Patterns?

September 14, 2009

Do We Need Design Patterns? In the previous week I have been asked “do we really need design patterns when we write code?”. Since one of the first things that I wrote in my blog was a design patterns series you probably would think that I answered SURE! or other absolute answer. That isn’t the case. The question was raised since I saw that a developer tried to enforce a design pattern (abstract factory)...

Quick Tip – Adding Business Validation Messages to ValidationSummary

September 11, 2009

Quick Tip – Adding Business Validation Messages to ValidationSummary Two days ago I was asked how to insert business validation messages into a ValidationSummary control. The post is the answer I gave to the person who asked me. The Problem We have a web form that is doing input validation and output the errors inside a ValidationSummary control. Since ValidationSummary shows a summary of all validation errors from ASP.NET validators how can we add business validations which are part of the business logic we have to the output of the ValidationSummary ? Also, how can we make the input not valid according...
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Management From Hell

September 9, 2009

Management From Hell This post is a result of a conversation I had with my wife. My wife is also in the Hi-Tech world and she is a senior Java developer (yes computers runs in the family ;-)). Last week we talked about what is going on in the project that she is assigned to and I couldn’t believe what I’m hearing.  Apparently, the managers there just lost their mind… Sentences like: “I don’t want/care...

If it is Working Don’t Touch it?

September 7, 2009

If it is Working Don’t Touch it? Occasionally I hear this sentence from here and there. Every time I hear it I get angry again. IMHO, when someone says that sentence it’s probably indicating that there is a lot of pain coming at us in the future. When I always hear that sentence? When there is a spaghetti code that nobody knows how to deal with (because the code is so tangled). When the developer...

Quick Tip – Using the ShouldSerializeXXX methods

September 2, 2009

Quick Tip – Using the ShouldSerializeXXX methods Something that I encountered last week. The ShouldSerialize methods are optional methods that you can provide for a class property. These methods are built as ShouldSerializePropertyName and inside of them you can provide a check that will determine whether the property should be serialized or not. Of course this can be achieved only in serializable...
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Back to Basics – Calculating MD5 Hashing

Back to Basics – Calculating MD5 Hashing Yesterday I needed to use a hashing algorithm for a given task. I chose to use the MD5  hashing algorithm and in this post I’ll show how to calculate MD5 hash from a given string. What is MD5 Hashing Algorithm? MD5 is a very widely used hashing function that commonly used to check the integrity of files or strings. When using MD5 There is a ...
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