Using the HttpWebRequest Class

August 23, 2009

Using the HttpWebRequest Class Last week I got a requirement for a direct interaction with an HTTP server. As a result I needed to use the HttpWebRequest class in order to create the relevant requests.  This post will introduce the HttpWebRequest class. The HttpWebRequest Class The HttpWebRequest class is a wrapper class that wrap an HTTP request for a resource. It provides many properties...
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Building a Simple Cache Manager

August 21, 2009

Building a Simple Cache Manager As I wrote in a previous post, I’ve started to work in a new project. My role there is a technical team leader of a very big team (10 developers). Part of my role is helping the team to create infrastructure for their applications. As part of the application’s infrastructure, I recommended to start using caching for better performance. ...
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IDCC Session Voting

IDCC Session Voting A lot was written about IDCC – Israeli Developers Community Conference 2009. In this conference you, as part of the developers community, can vote for your favorite sessions and then help to shape the conference’s agenda. I suggested three topics: Entity Framework Tips & Tricks Entity Framework is a very massive data access technology. This session is filled with tips and tricks that...
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Strange Google Search Result

Strange Google Search Result In two occasions this week I got the following Hebrew error page from Google while I was searching development data: To non Hebrew speakers the error page say that my query resembles a virus or spyware requests and to protect other users Google can’t process my query. The typed search in the first attempt was “ASP.NET server communication”… This is the first time I get that response from Google…

Quick Tip – Convert VB.NET to C# or C# to VB.NET

August 16, 2009

Quick Tip – Convert VB.NET to C# or C# to VB.NET There is a need sometimes to convert VB.NET files to C# or vice versa. There are two tools that I use in this process: Code Converter by Telerik – enables the convert of a given piece of code or multiple files. .net code converter – enables the convert of a given piece of code. There are also add-ins to Visual Studio that...

Where I’ve been in the Last Weeks

August 14, 2009

Where I’ve been in the Last Weeks If you are reading my blog you could see that I haven’t written posts for a while. In the last weeks I’ve been busy a lot with family issues, I took a one week vacation and also I have started a new project in a very big commercial company. In the future I’ll write more about the things I do there and about other stuff. See you around.
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Populating a ModalPopupExtender Dynamically

Populating a ModalPopupExtender Dynamically In the following week I was asked to dynamically populate a popup that is created by a ModalPopupExtender. The answer is simple. There are two ways to that and in this post I’ll show them both. Building the Script Service The first thing I did was to create a ScriptService. The service will create dynamically the controls I want to populate the popup of the ModalPopupExtender with. The following ScriptService will write a div and a bold text to its GetData method callers: /// <summary>/// Summary description for ExampleService/// </summary> public class...