Velocity Administration Console

June 23, 2009

Velocity Administration Console

Lately I’ve been working on a small administration console project for
Microsoft project code named Velocity. If you don’t know, Velocity’s
administration is being done with PowerShell.
I decided to build a console that will do the same thing but in Windows Forms.
The following figure shows the tool I’ve built:
Velocity Administration Console

You can download the tool from here.

Pay attention that the project is still in develop so bugs can occur!

The following things are changes you need to do manually in the
VelocityAdminConsole.exe.config file to enable the console:

  • VelocityFileSystemConnectionString – if you chose to manage the cluster
    in a shared network folder, put here the path to that folder.
  • VelocitySQLConnectionString – if you chose to manage the cluster in a
    SQL Server, put here the connection string to the SQL Server.
  • ClusterName – put here the cluster name.
  • Provider – put here the provider you use.

You can expect more features like installation project in the near future. 
As I wrote, the project is still in development and this is why I didn’t publish it
in CodePlex. I promise to put the project in CodePlex in the near future.
If you have any suggestions for improvement or you encounter bugs please
contact me in the blog’s contact form.
I hope you’ll find this console helpful.

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