VelocityAdminShell is Published on CodePlex

June 24, 2009

VelocityAdminShell is Published on CodePlex I’ve published the VelocityAdminShell tool that I wrote about yesterday on CodePlex. You can download the project with its source code from here. As I wrote, if you have any suggestions for improvement or you encounter bugs please contact me in the blog’s contact form or from the CodePlex tool’s site. I’ll keep on updating the tool in the near future. Enjoy!
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ADO.NET Entity Framework Session

June 23, 2009

ADO.NET Entity Framework Session I know that it is very early to announce, but I’m scheduled for an Entity Framework half a day session on October 19 in Microsoft Israel. In that session I’m going to talk about Entity Framework and in particular about LINQ to Entities and the new features of EF4. If you want to hear the session you can sign in to it from here. I hope to see you there.

Velocity Administration Console

Velocity Administration Console Lately I’ve been working on a small administration console project for Microsoft project code named Velocity. If you don’t know, Velocity’s administration is being done with PowerShell. I decided to build a console that will do the same thing but in Windows Forms. The following figure shows the tool I’ve built: You can download the tool from here. Pay attention that the project is still in develop so...

New Tracing and Caching Wrapper Providers for Entity Framework

June 12, 2009

New Tracing and Caching Wrapper Providers for Entity Framework Yesterday two new Entity Framework Wrapper Providers were added to MSDN Code Gallery. The new providers: EFTracingProvider – adds the ability to log SQL commands that are executed against the data storage EFCachingProvider – adds query results cache to Entity Framework ...

Programming Entity Framework Book Review

June 11, 2009

Programming Entity Framework Book Review One of the books I read in the last weeks was Julia Lerman’s Programming Entity Framework book. Review Julia Lerman’s book is currently the best choice if you want to learn Entity Framework. The book is very thorough and even though it is very long to my taste (about 800 pages) it is written very good. The book covers...

Entity Framework Tips by Alex James

Entity Framework Tips by Alex James Lately I ran into Alex James blog (Meta Me) and into his Entity Framework Tips index page. Currently, there are 24 good tips there and the count is still running. If you are using Entity Framework or interested in Entity Framework, I encourage you to visit that page and to read the tips. Thanks for sharing Alex!

Creating AutoCompleteExtender Trigger Button

June 10, 2009

Creating AutoCompleteExtender Trigger Button Yesterday I’ve been consulting at a client. During the day, I got a question regarding ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit’s AutoCompleteExtender. The question was how to create a trigger button to the AutoCompleteExtender in order to go to the server and fetch the results. This post will describe how to do that. Creating an Autocomplete Web Service The first thing to do when you want to use the AutoCompleteExtender is to create the web service that you’ll connect to. In my example, I’m going to use the following suggestions web service: public class SuggestionsService : WebService{...

Audience Specific Documentation for the Entity Framework

June 4, 2009

Audience Specific Documentation for the Entity Framework In MSDN Code Gallery there is a audience specific documentation for the Entity Framework. That documentation is divided to three documents: Entity Framework for architects documentation: Aimed at enterprise or application architects who are evaluating the Entity Framework, or who are designing systems that will use the Entity Framework. ...