Entity Framework Mapping Helper

April 3, 2009

Entity Framework Mapping Helper

Entity Framework Mapping HelperEntity Framework Mapping Helper
is a very useful tool that was
written by the Entity Framework
team and can help you to get started
with various of mappings scenarios.
Entity Framework mapping helper lets you create sample mapping files
for the set of scenarios you are interested in. It’s a great tool for a deeper
understanding for how schema files are defined for complex mapping scenarios
in Entity Framework.” (The Entity Framework Mapping Helper description on
MSDN Code Gallery). You get inside of it the following mapping scenarios

  • Inheritance – table per hierarchy (TPH), table per type (TPT),
    table per concrete type (TPC) and a mix of these inheritance 
  • Entity Splitting – vertical splitting and horizontal splitting.
  • Abstract types.
  • Multiple entity set per type (MEST).
  • Use of complex types.
  • Association within EntitySet – one to one, one to many and
    self association.
  • Association across EntitySets – one to one, one to many and
    many to many.
  • Use of condition element – Boolean discriminator for TPH.

Every example is described in a graphical diagram and in a separated
schema files.
You can download it from MSDN Code Gallery in the following link:
Entity Framework Mapping Helper.

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