Who Develop the Developers?

April 2, 2009


Who Develop the Developers?

Sometimes I find myselfWho Develop the Developers?
wondering about the
title’s question.
During the years that I’m developing
software I found out that this
question isn’t trivial but holds a very 
simple answer – you should. When I was
a junior developer, my team leader
gave me three books and said
that my first mission is to read these
books and then after three weeks he’ll
give me my first assignment. As you expect,
I read the books and got my first assignment.
But something was missing. I didn’t get any
help in the assignment even though I had a lot of questions.
After the first assignment (which I can still see it in the gov.il site even today)
I got my next assignment and so on but I felt that nobody could direct me about
how to be a good developer. During the next half a year I found myself reading
a lot, gaining knowledge and helping other junior developers in the company to
get started in a better way then I did. After a year I found myself as a team leader
and in that position I was expected to deliver quality products and in the project
time period. Then, I started to write simple guides to my team. I also encouraged
the team to learn and made a monthly meeting which one person should have lectured
about a subject he didn’t know. In that way the person was dedicated to learn the
subject and also could be a point of reference when somebody else in the team
needed to get an answer to a question in the subject. Also, Whenever a team
member needed my help, even though I had things to do, I always came and helped
him. It’s very hard to stop doing something and go help another person but it’s
for the team’s effort. These things helped to develop my team’s developing skills. 
When I left my first company I brought the same methods to my new team.
I also started to tutor other developers in the new company and tutored inner
“courses” about ASP.NET. I’m still reading books and reading a lot of articles and
blogs to be updated and to read other people’s thoughts.

Why I wrote these things?
I think that the first steps are very crucial to a developer. Also, I think that in a
lot of companies developers are thrown to deep water (like I was) and
are expected to swim. I succeeded to swim but there are a lot of developers
that sink on the way. When I say sink I mean bad coding, bad design
and so on. I didn’t have someone like me to help me on my first steps but that
doesn’t mean that I can’t be that person to other developers. If I can do it
you also can. This is only a matter of patience and open-mindedness. You can
dedicate 30 minutes of tutoring a day and then to save up a lot of mess
tomorrow which you’ll probably handle. It’s in your hands. 

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  1. Rotem BloomApril 2, 2009 ב 17:06

    מבין אותך לחלוטין ומסכים עם כל מילה.

    אני חושב שמפתח שכותב קוד גרוע, לא קריא, עם בעיות מכל מיני סוגים לא תמיד האשמה עליו.

    בהנחה שיש לו ראש צוות מנוסה וחזק האשמה היא קודם כל על הראש צוות. גם אם ראש הצוות לא חזק טכנית מין הראוי שיעזור למפתח למצוא בחברה את האנשים המנוסים וידאג שהם מלווים אותו ובודקים לו את הקוד.

    כמובן שאם יש אנשים כמוך ששמחים תמיד לעזור ולייעץ זה בכלל אחלה.

    אני מאוד מזדהה איתך כי גם אני מהאנשים שאוהבים לעזור ולא רק לאנשים מהחברה שלי. הלוואי וכולם היו ככה אבל לצערי כל אחד והאופי שלו.

  2. AbhiApril 5, 2009 ב 7:32

    How about you list the books you read or will recommend.

  3. Gil FinkApril 5, 2009 ב 9:08

    Hi Abhi,
    I’m currently reading the following books:
    1. Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code – by Martin Fowler
    2. Pro ADO.NET Data Services: Working with RESTful Data – by John Shaw and Simon Evans
    3. Application Architecture Guide 2.0 – by patterns & practices team

  4. HuzefaApril 6, 2009 ב 11:57

    You are wright, this happening in most of the Software Houses. I have also experienced and experiencing the same thing and trying to take a step as you have did.