ASP.NET Ajax Basics Session

October 7, 2008

ASP.NET Ajax Basics Session

Yesterday’s eveningASP.NET Ajax basics session
I delivered a one hour
session about
basics in SRL office.
The session included the following topics:

  • Old fashion Ajax

  • Introduction to ASP.NET Ajax

  • Introduction to ASP.NET Ajax server controls

  • Partial page rendering without UpdatePanel

You can download the slide decks here.

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  1. Rotem BloomOctober 7, 2008 ב 10:39

    Does your sessions are only 4 SRL employees?

  2. Gil FinkOctober 7, 2008 ב 11:37

    Hi Rotem,
    The session was the last meeting of the ASP.NET group that I’m tutoring currently in SRL. I delivered some sessions outside SRL in the past (for example in the DNC of Bank Hapoalim). Currently in the near future, I’m not scheduled to a session outside SRL.