Creational Patterns

April 22, 2008

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Creational Patterns

In my first post about design patterns I wrote that there are three kinds of
design patterns. I covered the first kind ,the structural patterns, in the previous posts.
You can read my previous posts on structural patterns here:
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Today I’m going to start the journey and dive into the creational patterns.

What are Creational Patterns?
Creational patterns
deal with the instantiation process.
Their main issue is to separate the application from the way objects are created, composed
or represented.
There are two common subjects in the creational patterns

  • They encapsulate the knowledge about which classes the application use.
  • They hide the way the classes are being built or composed.

The patterns are close related and therefore you may choose between them
when you design your application. It’s very important to know the cons and pros of
every pattern in order to make the right decision (this is right for all the design patterns).

Types of Creational Patterns
The creational patterns include the following patterns:

  • Singleton

  • Abstract Factory

  • Builder

  • Prototype

  • Factory Method

In the next post I’m going to write about the first creational pattern – the singleton.

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