ASP.NET OutputCache + OutputCache Profiles

14 ביוני 2007

In many projects i built, i used the OutputCache to improve WebSites performance and scalability. OutputCache is a powerful tool for increasing WebSites performance. When using OutputCache, the IIS saves a new version for the specific requested Page in memory. The next time we request the same Page, the IIS will serve us the rendered Page from memory, there for not process the page again. We can also set some conditions for the cache version like: when to cache it, how, and for how long (Duration). First, how OutputCache directive looks like. in this case, we set the Duration to 300 (Seconds), witch means 5 minutes (300...
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Ajax.NET – Independent updating UpdatePanel control

12 ביוני 2007

The problem: When trying to update one UpdatePanel (up1) control next to another UpdatePanel (up2) control, one influences the other and there both triggered. The solution: Adding Attribute UpdateMode="Conditional" to the UpdatePanel control that you don’t wish to update when triggering the next UpdateControl. Now they will not trigger each other.<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server"> <ContentTemplate> <table width="400" cellpadding="0" border="1" cellspacing="0"> <tr> <td><asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="tb1"...
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Look at this site... i have only one word, amazing! This is the way a  website should look like..., this guys thought on everything. I love the user experience when trying to open a menu and the way there organized,  The number of features in the menu and the way they expand. Check it out...
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We are hiring… looking for C# Web Developers... bool iAmTeamPlayer = true; while (lookingForJob) {    if (!iAmTeamPlayer)       break;    else    {         I WHANT TO WORK AT SCEPIA !    } } Technical: Experienced C# Web Developer - at least 2 years. Server ans Client side, VS2003/2005, MSSQL, Stored Procedures. Must have Experinece in DHTML, JS, HTML. Soooo... think its in u?, Please send your resume:  
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OWASP Released Top 10 Web application vulnerabilities for 2007 Here u can find the Top 10 Web application vulnerabilities for 2007. as usual, the most frequent attacks are Cross Site Scripting, an SQL Injections... I highly recommend to inspect the summery list for the vulnerabilities to learn how to avoid them. Scroll down for the summery list represents the application vulnerabilities and explaination links for each of the them.
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Transform an XML to HTML – StringReader

11 ביוני 2007

Here is a great way to transform an XML string returned from DB Query to a HTML using DataGrid/List... The xml represent by the StringReader, witch implements a TextReader that reads from a string. Then loaded to DataSet (by ds.ReadXML), and finally binds to the DataGrid. //Supposed this is the text returning from DB... string xml = "<rows><row id='1'><name>Gilad</name><address>Burla</address>" + "<country>Israel</country></row><row id='2'><name>John</name>" + "<address>Igaal Alon</address><country>Israel</country></row></rows>"; using (StringReader reader = new StringReader(xml)) { DataSet ds = new...
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