SharePoint not allowing a 'Contain' filter in a view by the column you want

15 באפריל 2015

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So, i was tying to add a filtered view of my list to the main page in my site. But the SharePoint did not like me to use the 'contain' operator combined with this column when creating the view:

The filter type you selected cannot be used with this type of column. You can apply the 'contains' operator only to columns that have the type Single line of text, Multiple lines of text, or Choice. Specify a different operator for the filter or change the column type. You can then attempt to create the filter again.


Well i found to myself two ways to override it. the first was pretty dumb and it was to filter it in the normal view, and use the URL with the quesrystring created (…?FilterField1=Interest_x0020_in_x0020_Vertical&FilterValue1=ABC) to embed it in the site.There wasn't a straight forward way to now embed it in the site, but then i found a default webpart called "content Query Tool Part" that allowed me to accomplish my task:


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