Custom labels with asset intelligence

25 במרץ 2012

Recently I had some very interesting conversations with several CTOs about software and hardware asset management. A topic that repeated in those conversations was gathering software titles with SCCM. They were using SCCM to gather asset data and even had Asset Intelligence running, the problem was that the Assent Intelligence reports was far from satisfying. The reports contained tens of thousands of software titles, most with had no importance to the organization's day to day operations. They needed a way to shorten the list and have it contain only the software titles they wanted to see....
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SCCM WMI Helper C#

7 בפברואר 2012

Hello, recently I have started to develop a C# library that enables you to perform all sorts of actions automatically with c#. this library was originally developed for a customer that has a very large SCCM environment that need a lot of automation. I have implemented the following actions : WMI_Query - a function to return a single columns from a SCCM provider query. ReSyncSCCMInventory – a function that send a resync command to a client. DeleteAllPackagesFromDP – a function to delete all packages...
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I back and … SQL report to export all sub collection tree

29 בינואר 2012

Hello, after some time that I haven't posted anything in this blog I decided that its time to get myself together and write something. before I start to get dirty and technical I would to update you all about what I was up to in the last 6 mounts. so, for those of you how don’t know me, my name is gal hutman. I currently work at NESS.IT as a senior system center consultant. I started working here about 3 mounts ago , before that I worked at Bynet data communication, also as system center...
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22 במאי 2011

Hello , Every one who has been following SCCM 2012 webcasts and information heard about the new capabilities of DCM (Desire configuration management), DSM-SET. the idea behind DCM-SET is to use the DCM mechanism no only to monitor a certain CI (Configuration Item) but to also to enforce the desired value. DCM uses two important terms : CI and Baseline. A “CI” is a set of definitions how to monitor a certain value , for example using registry, and what to look for in that value . ...
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System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 and BynetExpo 2011

14 במאי 2011

hello, In the past few week I have been busy preparing the demos for the annual Bynet Exposition- BynetEXPO. for does of you how doesn’t know BynetExpo is considered one the leading ICT exposition in Israel, and hosts almost all the important vendors in Compute, Networking, Security and Video conference . This year I took on myself the responsibility to organize the Microsoft private cloud and management solutions booth, and of course SCVV 2012 was my main focus. System center virtual machine manager 2012 is a small revolution in managing and maintaining virtual infrastructure ,...
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Failover OPSMGR RMS using SQL 2008 log shipping and Opalis integration server–Part 4 and final.

11 באפריל 2011

looking back at the main policy, we still have to : changing the SQL server in DB disable the SQL jobs reversing the log shipping promote MS to RMS 5)Change SQL server in DB : in the previous post I have explained how to update the database location in registry, as it appears SCOM also looks for database settings in its own database so we have to update the MT_ManagmentGroup table. The next screen shot shows how to configure...
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Failover OPSMGR RMS using SQL 2008 log shipping and Opalis integration server–Part 3. My 64bits registry tweak…

In the previous posts I have explained how to preform an automated SCOM DRP process using SQL log shipping and OPALIS integration server. Looking back at our policy… The next task we have to deal with is changing the registry keys settings on both servers. Changing the settings tells the application that the database location has been changed, the next time the application services starts it will try to connect to the database in the new location (making the stand-by database active).     this is the policy that made me start...
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Failover OPSMGR RMS using SQL 2008 log shipping and Opalis integration server–Part 2

7 באפריל 2011

When I have to deal with large tasks I usually like to divide them into small , easy to understand parts. using this method allow me more control over what's comes where and makes it easy to debug a problem if something goes wrong. The ability to create sub polices to do small tasks helps keep things in order and Opalis is the perfect tool if you want to use a “Divide and Conquer” method. without further  talking let’s continue with our policy. 1) The “Stop Services” policy The first step in the main policy is to stop all the...
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Failover OPSMGR RMS using SQL 2008 log shipping and Opalis integration server–Part 1

If you are familiar with implementing OpsMgr, you have  probably  dealt with failover and DRP scenarios. In OpsMgr you have several options to  DRP: SQL replication, SQL cluster , SCOM cluster and SQL log shipping. generally I prefer log-shipping. The idea behind log-shipping is to install a SCOM hierarchy with two (or more) servers: one is of course is the RMS and the others are MS. In the case of a failure we stop the services on the RMS server and change the active DB. some scenarios may ask  you to activate the SQL standby database and reverse the log-shipping....
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Things I like in SCCM 2012

Two days ago I have decided to go ahead and install SCCM 2012 beta 2. I was toying with the first beta version ever since it came out, and couldn’t wait to see what’s new in this release. As expected from Beat 2 this version is a lot more stable and have most of the functionality enabled. For someone who has been working with SCCM from SMS 2003, the first impression is quiet “intimidating”. The new user interface finally joined the system center console family with a SCOM look and feel. Anyone who has been working with SCOM before...
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