SharePoint 2013 Preview

17 ביולי 2012

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Time flies by and SharePoint 2013 (aka SharePoint 15) preview was already released (quite quietly I may add).

The timeline of the official release has yet to be released but there's some info regarding the new features.

First of all, the existing services will make a return :

· BSC (Business Connectivity services)

· Search Services

· PerformancePoint Services

· Excel Services

· InfoPath Services

· Access Services

· InfoPath Services

· User Profile Service

In addition, you can except the following expansions services:

· Content Management Service

· Translation Services

· Workflow Services

· SharePoint Quiz Client-Side Object Model Protocol

· Education Services

· Work Management Service


The Education services seems the most interesting and should be a major feature in the 2013 version, unfortunately there are no available details regarding these services.

Additional Functionality

· Following the metro / windows 8 and apple marketing models, we could expect a new marketplace model for vendors to deploy and market their SharePoint based products and services.

That should become very useful for both developers and clients.

· There are also some changes to the object models such as the SPWeb and SPApp models. I will bring more details as it will be available.

· There are some rumors regarding support for SQL Azure database, but nothing is confirmed at this point.

Let me have the goods!

You can download the preview version for free for the TechNet evaluation center here.

Additional data and resources can be found here.

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