SharePoint 2010 – Unexpected error when trying to add user permissions

31 ביולי 2011

I've encountered the following errors when trying to add some user permissions to my site: Lucky for me, I'm using AVI Code so I was able to spot the real problem: For some reason, simple text is marked as dangerous XSS request. The solution was to search for this page ("aclinv.aspx") that can be found in "templates\layouts" folder and add the ValidateRequest="false" attribute to the page.

JavaScript and CSS versioning and minifying

13 ביולי 2011

if you developed web sites before JS and CSS versioning issues must be familiar to you. Versioning The problem You've gone live! Congratulations! You've got a great web site that include external JavaScript and CSS files. Now you found a bug in your jQuery function or maybe you would like to implement a new style change. Because the web browser download these files (images, static htmls, JS and CSS files and etc) the update won't be reflected upon the user's browser. The solution Implementation a versioning mechanic for the files will include the version number in the filename and...
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