Commerce Server 2009 Resources

17 בינואר 2011

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Microsoft Commerce Server developers" , now that's a rather small group J

This first thing you notice as a developer or administrator is that good commerce server resources are hard to find.

I've compiled a list of good resources for you to use.

The official e-commerce blog – the official Microsoft's Commerce 2009 blog

MSDN – if you're developing commerce applications , you should probably have this one in your favorites

Forum – if you'll have any questions regarding commerce server (and you will), this is the place for good and rather quick answers

Pipelines – everything you need to know about pipelines. Check out part 2, 3 and 4 as well.

Operation sequence components – a four part guide for extending Commerce Server using these components. Don't forget part 2.

Commerce Command line tools – some useful tools that were originally in the 2007 version.

Pipeline Component Reference – MSDN's reference for creating a pipeline component.

MCCF – a great walkthrough the multi-channel commerce foundation. Check out part 2, part 3.

Feel free to expand the list.

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