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6 בספטמבר 2010

Welcome to my brand new blog!

My name is Gadi Berqowitz and I’ve been leading teams and developing web-based applications for more than a decade.

In my blog, I’m hoping to share with you some of my experience in Microsoft web technologies,

Microsoft servers family and other team leading / management issues that i come across.




Commerce What? yep, Microsoft got a server that is called “Microsoft Commerce Server”, it’s Microsoft's e-commerce product for building e-commerce systems.

Basically, it provides a complete e-commerce solution including catalog management, inventory and orders handling, marketing manager and much more.

In my up and coming posts, I will get more into details on how can you use Commerce Server to your upgrade or exchange your existing commerce application.



If you are a true Microsoft guy, there’s no way you haven’t had a chance to hear about “Microsoft SharePoint Server”.

A platform (with a family of software products) for collaboration and web publishing web-sites.

It’s truly a monster (in a VERY good way) including the following designing, developing and publishing capabilities:

Web sites, portals, intranets, CMS (Content management system), search engines, wikis, blogs and the list goes on and on.

The amazing thing about it, that the current 2010 edition is fully integrated with Visual Studio 2010, which means it makes life for developers rather easy.

I’ll be posting quite a bit about SharePoint 2010 and how can you combine it with Commerce Server 2009 to build great e-commerce systems.



There’s nothing like doing your own thing. Before i was a “Microsoft Servers guy”, i spent most of my time developing old good fashion ASP.NET.

from the early days of ASP 3 to the ground breaking ASP.NET 4.0, I’m committed to continue developing web applications.

Every Microsoft’s good web application, comes down to good ASP.NET.

I have no doubt I’ll be posting on ASP.NET and C# as well.


Who should read this blog?

Well, I would like to think that every one should read (and subscribe) to this blog,

but the truth is that decision making people (team leaders, project/product managers and R&D managers) and developers would benefit from it the most.


So, what are you waiting for?

Subscribe to my feed and get to read my journey as I travel in the world of web-based applications.

Any requests, ideas and thoughts regarding my posting will be welcomed.

Best Regards,


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