.NET 2015 : a new era for Microsoft

17 בנובמבר 2014

Yes, You read the title correctly. If you haven’t got the word yet then here’s the deal: “Microsoft .NET is going public with its source and will also run on Linux and Mac”. Until recently, this has been science fiction stuff, but today is a new day and a very exiting one for Microsoft based developers and decision makers. Here’s the main features for the upcoming .NET 2015: .NET Core .NET core is a “cloud optimized” version of the .NET framework and will contain the core features of the .NET framework. It focus on being open source and running on multiple platforms, that means it will...
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Project Siena

27 באוקטובר 2014

Last week, I was at Microsoft’s HQ and was introduced to fairly new project called “Project Siena”  , targeting the “Windows Store Application” world. What is “Project Siena”? Basically project “Siena” is a tool (application) for creating HTML and JavaScript based windows store application. Using that tool, you can create application rather quickly, connect to your data sources, create the UX and publish it to the store. The purpose of the tool is to simplify the process while maintaining some freedom in designing and creating your application. “Project Siena” is available (as for the current Beta 3 version) only at Windows 8.1. Is “Project Siena”...
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The power of ASP.NET SignalR

9 בספטמבר 2014

One of the coolest features in the latest version of the .Net framework is the open source, real-time web functionality library of SignalR. If you’re not familiar with it, please take the time to learn about it because it might be a “game changer” in developing ASP.NET web applications. Basically, “ASP.NET SignalR is a new library for ASP.NET developers that makes developing real-time web functionality easy. SignalR allows bi-directional communication between server and client. Servers can now push content to connected clients instantly as it becomes available. SignalR supports Web Sockets, and falls back to other compatible techniques for older browsers....
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It's been a while…

18 ביוני 2014

Ok, so I’ve been away for a while , time to wake up this blog. In the last year, I’ve been managing the development of a Windows application store using HTML5, WinJS, Web API, SignalR and more .Net technologies, while still maintaining my knowledge and experience developing web-based applications. I’m going to spread “the wealth” around, this upcoming posts. So stay tuned and let me know if you have topics that you’d like my to cover. Regards, Gadi.
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My brand new Hebrew blog

7 במרץ 2013

I’ve became on official employee of Matrix, some times ago, meaning that I’ve got a blog in their blogs community (Blogix). The “Blogix” blog is an Hebrew one and is covering technical things in a more “High level” approach, designed for development management , project management and anyone how would like to learn new stuff without the diving into it. The new blog covers new technologies like windows 8, windows store applications, HTML5, Web API and more. basically anything new from Microsoft development team.   So, if you’re an Hebrew reader , please step right in, I would really like to know what...
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SharePoint 2013 Preview

17 ביולי 2012

Time flies by and SharePoint 2013 (aka SharePoint 15) preview was already released (quite quietly I may add). The timeline of the official release has yet to be released but there's some info regarding the new features. First of all, the existing services will make a return : · BSC (Business Connectivity services) · Search Services · PerformancePoint Services · Excel Services · InfoPath Services · Access Services · InfoPath Services · User Profile Service In addition, you can except the following expansions services: · Content Management...
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Commerce Server 2009 profiles cache

1 במרץ 2012

Commerce Server 2009 uses cache for all its modules, including the profiles system. It's uses cache for the obvious reasons : performance, data integrity and so on. While working with the Commerce Server 2009 MCF or the old 2007 API, you should be safe. Those APIs are responsible to update the cache via a dedicated cache handler. There might be times when you would like to run scripts directly to the profiles database in the development, testing, staging or production environments. If you do that, you should keep in mind...
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Internet Explorer 8 Performance Issues

17 באוקטובר 2011

Today's web sites are getting richer and richer. In the past rich web sites were usually web sites that were used for promotional purposes, today's demands require that even the most complex web application, has to include rich and user-friendly UI. so how exactly "old" browsers can hold up with this applications? What should be taken into consideration in the development phase? Get the facts Now days, I'm leading a team that is developing a large e-commerce site for our customer. Beside advanced e-commerce features, the web application has a very rich UI...

WCF calls return HTTP 400 response

8 באוגוסט 2011

I've been getting some general HTTP 400 while trying to invoke a certain WCF method. I've also noticed that it did not happened all the times but for some requests. HTTP 400 indicates that The Web server (running the Web site) thinks that the data stream sent by the client (e.g. your Web browser) was 'malformed' i.e. did not respect the HTTP protocol completely. So the Web server was unable to understand the request and process it. I suspected that I was getting those errors for a large requests (I'm using an order service that get...
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SharePoint 2010 – Unexpected error when trying to add user permissions

31 ביולי 2011

I've encountered the following errors when trying to add some user permissions to my site: Lucky for me, I'm using AVI Code so I was able to spot the real problem: For some reason, simple text is marked as dangerous XSS request. The solution was to search for this page ("aclinv.aspx") that can be found in "templates\layouts" folder and add the ValidateRequest="false" attribute to the page.