We released the Beta2 version of DSL SDK!

יום חמישי, אוקטובר 22, 2009

As of yesterday, you can download the new version of the DSL SDK. We fixed some bugs and we added some really cool features such as better templates for WPF and Winforms based designers, T4 code generation at build time, domain model extensibility (you can even extend the Dsl designer itself), and DslLibraries and much more. For the full list see Jean-Marc's post.   There's a known issue with debugging Dsl designers using F5 - the toolbox items won't appear in the exp hive. In order to work around this (until the RC) you will have to run using CTRL+F5 (without...
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Visual T4 Generator

יום שישי, פברואר 6, 2009

What is T4? You can find you more info here. Clarius opened a blog for their Visual T4 generator.You can find more about the features and price, you can download a free community edition as well for VS2005 and VS2008.  
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Blog Carnival #12

יום חמישי, ינואר 1, 2009

Been a bit tide up the last couple of weeks but never the less I would like to start the new year with a new post - Blog Carnival #12 DSL Tools & Team Architect & T4 Stuart Kent posted about our move back to Team Architect and what are the goals for the future VSTA, the enterprise architect and the application lifecycle by Clemens Reijnen The VSTA Layer Diagram and the P^P App Arch Guide 2.0 by Clemens Reijnen Getting App Arch Guid Knowledge in VSTS2010 –Create Diagrams from Code  by Clemens Reijnen DSL 2010 Feature Dives:...
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How to add custom types to DSL and how to serialize/deserialize them

יום רביעי, נובמבר 12, 2008

Simple types such as string's and int's are nice but if you really want to leverage you DSL and use you types you need a couple of things: 1) You need to add it to the DSL designer 2) You need to serialize it somehow The first part is not very hard there two ways to do it: 1) Edit you DslDefinition.dsl in xml editor – look for //Types/ExternalType and add one of your owns (don’t forget to reference the assembly)2) You can use DSL Explorer window and add it from there – just click on the root node (you language) and then “Add External Type” Regarding the...
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Blog Carnival #11

יום שני, נובמבר 10, 2008

This week in the blog carnival modeling, T4, C# 4.0, framework desing, SOA, performance and ASP.NET related links.   Modeling and UML DSL Tools and Oslo by Stuart Kent UML Syntax and Semantics by Steve Cook T4 Using extension methods in T4 templates by Gareth Jones C# 4.0 C# 4.0 - Named and Optional Parameters - Behind the Scenes by Matthew Podwysocki Framework design PDC 2008 Talk: Framework Design Guidelines Framework Design Guidelines Videos ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC /WPF /SIlverlight ScottGu has post with a lot of interesting web related topics. SOA SOA, EDA,...

Blog Carnival #10

יום שני, אוקטובר 27, 2008

Lot's of good stuff today but first here's the new .NET logo and VS2010 & .NET CLR CTP! Extensibility How to extend Visual Studio and become a more productive developer Domain-Specific Development with Visual Studio DSL Tools Advanced code generation patterns with T4 & DSL Tools Another collection of T4 resources Oslo New site @ http://msdn.microsoft.com/oslo ASP.NET Building a Great ASP.NET AJAX Application from Scratch Using jQuery to display a modal ASP.NET UpdatePanel confirmation A Guide to Learning the ASP.NET MVC Beta Using jQuery Load with the ASP.NET MVC Framework Visual Studio Essential...

Blog Carnival #9

יום שבת, אוקטובר 18, 2008

Alot interesting posts this week - I collected the ones that I liked (and read their blog) the most. Hope you'll enjoy this weekend reading.   DSL Tools / T4 /Modeling T4 (Text Template Transformation Toolkit) Code Generation - Best Kept Visual Studio Secret - by Scott Hanselman informIT video interview on DSL Tools with Ted Neward and Gareth Jones Class Diagrams - by Steve Cook Extension Methods If the .Net BCL is drywall, Extension Methods are spackle by Jeremy D. Miller Emulating Java Enums in .NET - F# Edition by Matthew Podwysocki Functional Programming Functional...

Understanding T4: <#@ assembly #> directive

יום שני, אוקטובר 6, 2008

A friend at work pointed out this post by Oleg. Here's the beginning of the post: Here is how MSDN documentation defines the assembly directive. The assembly directive identifies an assembly to be referenced so that you can use types within that assembly from code in the text template. Using the assembly directive is equivalent to using the Add Reference feature in Visual Studio. This directive does not affect the source code of the compiled template. Instead it affects compiler options T4 uses to compile GeneratedTextTransformation into a .NET assembly. Here is an example of a T4 template and C# compiler T4 uses...
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