WPF stuff and multi touch

27 במרץ 2009

  Are you intrigued by multi touch? The Windows Engineering team just posted a great article on how Touch was implemented in Windows 7 and on how software developers can tap into this: http://blogs.msdn.com/e7/archive/2009/03/25/touching-windows-7.aspx#comments Check out these labs to find out how you can use Windows 7 touch with WPF 3.5 SP1: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/WindowsTouch This WPF 4.0 session from PDC shows you what you can expect next: http://channel9.msdn.com/pdc2008/PC03/   And here’s another cool thing this is the official quote from the WPF Tree Services & Controls Team: ...

System.Net traces

24 במרץ 2009

Found this useful post you might want to know how to add tracing information for System.Net namespace: <configuration>     <system.diagnostics>         <trace autoflush="true" />                 <sources>                 <source name="System.Net">                         <listeners>                 <add name="System.Net"/>                         </listeners>                 </source>                 <source name="System.Net.HttpListener">                         <listeners> ...
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GDI vs GDI+ text rendering and measuring

19 במרץ 2009

I was investigate a GDI/GDI+ related bug the other day and I found out that GDI+ doesn’t render RTL text very well. In order to render it correctly you need to render it using GDI.GDI+ Text rendering This is done by Graphics.DrawString(…) / Graphics.MeasureString(..) GDI Text rendering This is done by TextRenderer.DrawText(..) / TextRenderer.MeasureText(…) The interesting thing about GDI text measuring is that it sometimes the measured size might be larger than the maximum size so be aware of that! Another point is to be aware of the GraphicsUnit in the Graphic.PageUnit instance vs. Font.Unit if one in pixels and the other is...
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Building an innovation nation

17 במרץ 2009

Check out the article in McKinsey and the World Economic Forum: "McKinsey has partnered with the World Economic Forum to create an “Innovation Heat Map,” by identifying factors that are common to successful innovation hubs. As part of this effort, we have examined the evolution of hundreds of such clusters around the world and analyzed over 700 variables, including those driving innovation (business environment, government and regulation, human capital, infrastructure, and local demand) along with proxies for innovation output (for example, economic value added, journal publications, patent applications) to identify trends among the success stories....
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StyleCop update

Some of the features: Ability to use <include> tags within Xml header documentation to pull docs from external files. Get accessor in property required to appear before set accessor .generated.cs files ignored by default   Bugfixes: 18: Partial methods not handled correctly 31: Documentation rules should understand <include> element 56: Require get accessor before set accessor 63: When documenting a generic class, only allows <see cref="MyClass"/> and not...
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Free ASP.NET MVC eBook Tutorial

Summery from the original post by ScottGu NerdDinner ASP.NET MVC Tutorial The tutorial starts by using the File->New Project command in Visual Studio to create a brand new ASP.NET MVC project, and then incrementally adds functionality and features.  Along the way it covers how to: Create a database Build a model with validation and business rules Implement data listing/details UI on a site using Controllers and Views Enable CRUD (Create, Update, Delete) data form entry Use the...
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Collections and WPF collection view types

10 במרץ 2009

This is more of a general post on various collections and how does WPF bind to them and what are the interfaces that WPF uses in order to manage those collections.   When binding collection to an ItemsControl (TreeView, ListView, ListBox, ComboBox and etc) or to a more simple control (Button, TextBox, TextBlock and etc) WPF creates behind the scene an ICollectionView object. This object can be one of the following types: CollectionView – handles collections that implement IEnumerable ListCollectionView – handles collections that implement IList ...
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Implementing MVVM in WPF & Silverlight

If you are interested in using MVVM (Model View ViewModel) design pattern for your applications you should definitely take a look at the screencasts made available on Josh's site. Implementing Model-View-ViewModel in WPF Implementing Model-View-ViewModel in Silverlight Implementing MVVM & Exploring UX Design Patterns