Blog Carnival #7

2 באוקטובר 2008

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This blog carnival will be entirely dedicated to web development in MS platform.

Scott has published a whole list of links in his blog


· Amazon EC2 Support for Windows and ASP.NET: Big news announced this week: Amazon will be offering Windows Server 2008 as an option in their EC2 service.  This enables you to use ASP.NET, IIS7 and SQL Server in the cloud.

· Using ASP.NET WebForms, MVC and Dynamic Data in a Single Application: Scott Hanselman has a nice post that demonstrates how you can have a single ASP.NET application that uses ASP.NET WebForms, MVC, WebServices and Dynamic Data.  You have the flexibility to mix and match them however you want, which allows you to always use the right tool depending on the specific job.

· Modifying Data with the ListView's EditItemTemplate: Matt Berseth has a great post that talks about how to use the ASP.NET 3.5 ListView control to enable in-place editing scenarios – with total html markup control. 

· 4 New Grouping Grid Skins: Vista, Bold, Win2k3 and Soft: Matt Berseth has another nice post that demonstrates how to skin the ASP.NET ListView control to enable some sweet data grouping scenarios.

· Unlocking and Approving User Accounts: Scott Mitchell posts another in his great series of articles on ASP.NET security (click here for all the articles in the series).  This article talks about how you can setup administration pages that allow admins to lock out and approve user accounts using the ASP.NET Membership system.

· Adding OpenID to you website in conjunction to ASP.NET Membership: Dan Hounshell has a nice article that discusses how to add OpenID authentication support to your web-site, and use it in conjunction to ASP.NET's built-in membership system.


· MVC Membership with Preview 5: Troy Goode posts an update of his popular MVC Membership template that works with ASP.NET MVC Preview 5.  It provides a set of administration pages you can use for user/role management, as well as adds support for OpenID and Windows LiveID.

· MVC Flickr Xplorer: Mehfuz Hossain has a cool ASP.NET MVC sample application posted that enables a nice picture explorer for FlickR photos.

ASP.NET Dynamic Data

· Simple 5 Table Northwind Example: Matt Berseth kicks off his ASP.NET Dynamic Data tutorial series with a nice post that shows how to build a simple 5 table application using ASP.NET Dynamic Data with .NET 3.5 SP1.

· Dynamic Data And Custom Metadata Providers: Matt continues the series and covers the MetadataType attribute, and how you can use it to annotate your entities with additional metadata.

· Dynamic Menu for your Dynamic Data: Matt continues and covers how to add a data-driven menu to the site.

· Customizing the Delete Confirmation Dialog: Matt continues and demonstrates how to build a nice UI experience when deleting records in a dynamic data application.

· Experimenting with YUI's DataTable and DataSource Controls: Matt experiments with how to use client-side AJAX components together with dynamic data.


Scott Hanselman has posted Plug-In Hybrids: ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.MVC and ASP.NET Dynamic Data Side By Side

Sam Gentile has a posted about his Thoughts on Web Development with ASP.NET Dynamic Data, Castle Active Record, jQuery


Tomorrow I'll compile more general Blog Carnival for you…

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