Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools

1 ביולי 2010

Copied from the visual studio gallery page:  Check it out + download Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tools A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity. Document Well 2010 Plus (More Info)One of the key pieces of feedback that we have received over several versions of Visual Studio is that users want to be able to customize the behaviour of their document tabs.  From the ordering of tabs to the position of the close buttons, user can now configure dozens of different options for their tabs.  Go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Document Tab Well to configure...
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Blog post explaining how you can enable a DSL to MEF extensions

18 במאי 2010

Jean-Marc published a nice post on how to enable a DSL to MEF extensios. There's a followup post for those who migrated from VS2005 and missing the magical InternalsVisibleTo attribute in their AssemblyInfo.cs. For more info on DSL tools see this code gallery page:   Eyal
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Toolbox items in DSL tools

19 בינואר 2010

In this post: 1) General overview of the way the toolbox items work in DSL tools for VS2010 2) Toolbox related Changes from VS2008 to VS2010 3) Customization of static toolbox items - how to grouped model elements into single toolbox item   In VS 2010 we change the way we manage toolbox items from being set explicitly during package initialization to being partially set(*) before the package has been created and initialized. The toolbox items that are set this way called static toolbox items (vs....

DslLibraries in VS2010 DSL SDK

11 בנובמבר 2009

  One of the new features for DSL in VS2010 is DSL libraries, in this post I will explain how to use the new feature.   Prerequisites: VS SDK 2010 Beta2 and higher + DSL SDK 2010 Beta2 and higher.   DslLibrary is a DSL that is used as a library – you can extended it or just use it with you DslLibrary/DSL. In order to start creating DslLibraries:   1. Start VS and then File->New->Project 2. Find the Domain-Specific Language Designer (under Other Project Type->Extensibility) 3. In the...
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We released the Beta2 version of DSL SDK!

22 באוקטובר 2009

As of yesterday, you can download the new version of the DSL SDK. We fixed some bugs and we added some really cool features such as better templates for WPF and Winforms based designers, T4 code generation at build time, domain model extensibility (you can even extend the Dsl designer itself), and DslLibraries and much more. For the full list see Jean-Marc's post.   There's a known issue with debugging Dsl designers using F5 - the toolbox items won't appear in the exp hive. In order to work around this (until the RC) you will have to run using CTRL+F5 (without...
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DSL Tools samples

29 ביוני 2009

Jean-Marc has released another sample over the weekend: Domain Model Extensibility, here is a quote from his post: "The sample presents a DSL to explain the architecture of a multi-Tiered application. Each tier is made of components, which have ports. Connections are made between output ports and input ports. What is new is that a Domain Model Extension will add a “Security Extension” thus providing to the toolbox new items (an Audit Log), to a Tier new decorators, to Ports three new Domain properties related to the HTTP security, new validation methods, and new rules. I’m pretty sure you’ll like this...
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WPF Toolkit June 2009

25 ביוני 2009

Check out the new WPF toolkit that was released today on WPF codeplex site. The new stuff: Chart Controls Bug fixes for common issues, including:  - DataGrid.DeleteCommand requires a current cell (as reported here)  - DataGridColumn DisplayIndex ArgumentOutOfRange exception (as reported here)  - DatePicker IsEnabled=False does not gray out (as reported here)  - DatePicker Enter, Escape, and Spacebar inputs do not correctly commit/cancel edits and close the popup  - VSM steady state animations fail to run WPFToolkitBinaries WPFToolkitBinariesAndSource
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DSL 2010 Beta1 Sample: ModelBus

2 ביוני 2009

The first DSL SDK 2010 Beta1 was just added by Jean-Marc and it demonstrates the usage of our new feature - ModelBus, used for model referencing. The code and the documentation is available here: Side note: check out my first feature as MS employee - the ModelBus Picker - the WPF-based reference picker that pops when you click on the ellipsis for ModelBusReference typed properties ;-) Feedback is appreciated
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Announcing the Visual Studio 2010 DSL SDK Beta 1

22 במאי 2009

Jean-Marc has just announced about our release of DSL SDK for VS2010 Beta1 ! In that posts he covers about the new features we've added, sample and more! We have a new code gallary page that is worth checking out: (I planning to write a sample regarind our new WPF databinding features in the next week or two).  You can download the SDK here. Cheers
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