How to test generic methods using Microsoft.Fakes

9 באוגוסט 2012

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I have started using the Microsoft.Fakes, one of the new testing future in VS2012, some time ago and I found this tool to be very very powerful and many of my new test are written with the help of Stubs and Shims. If you don’t know what I am talking about you can read about Stubs in here, about Shims in here and you can watch the a very good lecture about it (and more new futures on testing in VS2012) in here.

At some point I wanted to detour using Shims a generic method, but I couldn’t find a good solution for it. After digging a bit I have successfully managed to do it and here is how:

Lets say I have a generic method that do something in a class that do something

public class DoSomthingClass
    public T DoSomething<T>(T val)
        return val;

This method doesn’t really do much, only return the entered value. Now lets say I got another method, DoSomething2 that uses the method DoSomething<T> with type ‘int’:

public int DoSomething2 (int val1, int val2)
    return val2 + DoSomething<int>(val1);

Now, I would like to create tests for method DoSomething2, but I would like to detour method DoSomthing<T>, I don’t want to test method DoSomething<T>, I only want to test the logic of method DoSomething2 (even though in this method is quite simple). I would like to isolate the logic of method DoSomething2 and create a Shim for DoSomthing<T>.

In order to to that, first of course I will have to create a test class, and a test method. Now I would have to use a Shim to mimic the call to DoSomething<int> inside method DoSomething2. To do that for a generic method I will have to create a delegate and use Microsort FakesDelegates library.

Here is the full test :

public void DoSomething2_test()
    using (ShimsContext.Create())
        Func<BL.DoSomthingClass, int, int> myDelegate = 
            delegate(BL.DoSomthingClass doSomthingClass, int val)
            return 8;

            (new FakesDelegates.Func<BL.DoSomthingClass, int, int>(myDelegate));
        var doSomthingInstance = new DoSomthingClass();

        Assert.IsTrue(doSomthingInstance.DoSomething2(1, 2) == 10);

As you can see, I have a fake delegate that gets DoSomthingClass and val and return the value 8 (a dummy value), and I am creating a new FakesDelegates.Func that gets my delegate. As you can see, when I execute this test my delegate will be executed and the result of the code : doSomthingInstance.DoSomething2(1, 2) will be 10 and not 3 as expected, and my test will pass.

Hope this code helps all of you writing tests, keep it up it will make your code better.

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  1. Joe12 בפברואר 2013 ב 12:29

    That helped, thanks a lot.