Demo code from my session about Live Tiles & Push Notification for Windows Phone on Microsoft TechDays Canada TV

24 באפריל 2012

I'd like to thank all of you who attended my session about Live Tiles & Push Notifications on Windows Phone on the Microsoft TechDays Canada TV! Live tiles, channeled with Push Notifications, are important for your application's user experience, and are very easily created in either Silverlight or XNA, and with a notification service residing anywhere on the cloud, with Azure being the better solution. To make it even easier- you can find and download all of the code samples and demos from the session directly from my SkyDrive here. I'll gladly answer any of your questions posted here or at the Canadian Developer Connection...
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“Push Notifications and Live Tiles in Windows Phone” lecture for the TechDays Canada TV on April 24th.

6 באפריל 2012

I’m preparing a lecture about “Push Notifications and Live Tiles in Windows Phone” for the TechDays Canada TV ( @techdays_ca ), which is due April 24th. Here’s summary of the lecture: “In Windows Phone, an application does not have to run in order to communicate with the user, rather the Push Notifications and Live Tiles features can be used in order to present live and dynamic information to the user over the pinned applications’ tiles and by prompting pop-up notifications over the phone screen. In this session we will go through the concepts of Push Notifications and Live Tiles in Windows Phone...
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Code samples from my "WCF Crash Course" @ SDP March 2012 conference

26 במרץ 2012

I just finished lecturing "WCF Crash Course" at the SDP March 2012 conference in front of a crowded room.  Thank you all who attended my tutorial day, and please see the code samples in my SkyDrive, here. If you can still find room (and I doubt it..), don't miss Ido Flatow's amazing and thorough Advance WCF session.
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Starting fresh in Sela-Canada

24 במרץ 2012

Now that it has been publically announced by David Basa (Sela's CEO), I can finally write and tell all about the exciting news: Well, after a long preparation period it has finally been decided that I'll be leaving the country with my family on July to join forces with Eran Barlev and become Sela-Canada's Chief Technology Officer for the next three years. This role will demand the best of my skills, and the best of knowledge that can ever be achieved regarding Microsoft technologies, as I'll have to represent Sela's knowledge and expertise to Canadian customers and assist Eran...
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Code samples from my "WCF Crash Course" tutorial day in SDP December 2011

6 בדצמבר 2011

I'd like to thank all of you who attended my tutorial day, titled "WCF Crash Course", which is part of the SDP December 2011 conference. The day started by explaining the basics of SOA and WCF, showing how easy it is to integrate WCF into any distributed application while not compromising on flexibility, extendibility, performance, and customability. I then moved through the various aspects of WCF, including- contracts, various binding types and abilities, interoperability, security, and more, and also went through the newer discovery and routing abilities of the framework. This was a crash course, which means that you leave...
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Building Metro-Style Games- On the coming Sela-Developer-Practice 4-8 December

1 בנובמבר 2011

Gaming is the current trend in phones and tablets, with 50% of the applications sold today being games. On the coming Sela Developer Practice dev-days I will give a full-day tutorial about building metro-style games for the upcoming Windows 8 operating-system. In this tutorial I will talk about game design and planning, choosing the technology for your next Metro game for Windows 8, using graphics and input APIs, and enhancing it with audio and video. The tutorial will take place at Sela College, on December 6. See the following link for more details: Looking forward to seeing you!
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Interesting Memory Leak

10 ביולי 2011

I was called to assist a major company with an on-going crash on one of their systems, which is already in production. The system went out of sync after their latest deployment, while due to configuration problems they had no option of going back to the previous, more stable version, and thus was "stuck" with a failing application right in the middle of their production line.  Having very little time to solve the problem (as they were accumulating more and more angry customers by the hour), I had to learn their architecture on-the-fly, and guess my way through unknown code...
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Kinect Gestures

30 ביוני 2011

After a long wait- Microsoft finally released the beta SDK for Kinect on PC earlyer this week. Being one of the first to ever get an XBOX 360, waited for two years for Kinect to arrive (it was called "NATAL" back then) and been waiting for the ability to fiddle with it ever since, I gladly downloaded and installed the SDK. Well, the first thing to say about is that it's fun! But, without still going into the raw detail- the main issue is the collection of joints you receive from the SDK whenever data changes. The SDK defines a list of well-known...
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WCF Crash Course at Sela Dev Days

29 ביוני 2011

Ido Flatow and I gave a crash course (full day of study- 9am thorugh 5pm) about WCF at the Sela Dev-Days. Starting with "What is WCF" and demostrating how to build simple services, we went through the complete "whats" and "hows" of the WCF ideas. We showed how to build services, understand and define contracts, and choose between the different ways to host and monitor services. As the day went on we also dived even deeper into security, reliabilty and the different options WCF allows to be extended- to be used when all other options fail. This crash course was not meant to create instant one-day-over...
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SOA to the Works

15 במרץ 2011

Tomorrow (16 Mar 2011) at 13:00 I will be giving a lecture at the Sela Developer Practice (taking place at the Crown Plaza hotel- Tel Aviv), labeled: "SOA to the Works- Integrating AppFabric, WCF 4, and WF 4". In this lecture I plan to describe SOA key attributes through the eyes of WCF and WF, and show how they integrate along with AppFabric to create SOA applications. I also plan to create an on-the-spot architecture for an application that requires SOA and show how it all adds-up. See you there!
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