Videos for “Next Generation Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010” Conference In Microsoft 14/02/2011

יום שישי, פברואר 18, 2011

It was great!!! My first session was about the “Visual Studio Testing Tools” for better quality and my second session was about BI in the Service of the Tester. you can see my previus post regarding this event: "My Session in “Next Generation Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010” Tomorrow" You can download my Power Point Presentation from here. You can also watch the videos in this link: Many thanks for all the people that made it happen and helped me in my preparations!!! Have Fun!!!

Coded UI Test Demo – Video Hebrew

יום שלישי, יוני 1, 2010

I have recorded a video demoing the Coded UI Test, I have put a lot of effort making it short and informative. I have recorded the video in Hebrew, I hope to upload an English version soon… This demo is based on a Coded UI Test User guide I have published in English, the first post of the guide is:  "Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI Test User Guide - Introduction" You can download the video from the following link: I have also uploaded the video to YouTube you can watch it here: Have Fun!!!