Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 ו–TFS 2012 Update 2 זמינים להורדה

יום ראשון, אפריל 7, 2013

לאחר המתנה ארוכה סוף סוף הגיע השחרור המיוחל…כבר כתבתי על חלק מהחידושים ב – Update 2, כתבתי על הממשק ה – Web של ה – MTM, ניתן לקרוא את הפוסט: “מה הולכים לחדש לנו ב - Update 2? הרצת בדיקות דרך ה - Web עם ה - Test Hub in Team Web Access” רבים חיכו לממשק הזה.בפוסטים הבאים אני יוסיף ויעדכן על חידושים ב – Update 2 כמו כן אני ירחיב על ממשק ה – Web של ה – MTM.העדכון זמין להורדה עבור Visual Studio 2012 בלינק הבא:עבור TFS 2012 יש להוריד את ההתקנה המלאה הכוללת את ה –...
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TFS Power Tools יצאו, מה הם מכילים? (August 2011)

יום ראשון, אוגוסט 21, 2011

Brian Harry הודיע על הוצאת  Power Tools חדשים. ה – Power Tools מכילים כמה חידושים: Windows Shell Extension Log-In – אחד הדברים שמאוד מציקים בעיקר למי שעובד עם מחשב מיחוץ לדומיין הוא חוסר היכולת לעבוד עם ה – Windows Shell Extensions. ב – Power Tools החדשים ניתן יהיה להכניס User Name וסיסמה. Search – הרבה אנשים מחפשים את הפיצ’ר הזה תיבת Search פשוטה. Rollback In Source Control – לדעתי פיצ’ר חזק מאוד, מאפשר לבצע Rollback ל – Changeset מסויים או לטווח של Changesets. Test Attachments Cleanup – אחת הבעיות עם היכולות החדשות בעולם הבדיקות היא כמות המידע הגדולה שמגדילה משמעותית את בסיסי הנתונים של ה...

New TFS 2010 Power Tools Are Available! (March 2011 Power Tools)

יום שלישי, מרץ 8, 2011

Brian Harry announced the release of new power tools (Click here to read it), each time I see a new power tools for TFS I get exited. So what was changed in this release? Finally they have fixed the Backup/Restore wizard that was released in the last power tools, so we can safely use it. They have added new functionality to the power shell, I must say that I like this change the most in this release. They have added some build capabilities to the Command Line Bug Fixes Downloads: Power Tools Build Extensions MSSCCI Plug-in (Was not changed) Note: for you convenience I have copied the Features Description Have...

Visual Studio 2010 And TFS 2010 Service Pack 1 Beta Has Released

יום חמישי, דצמבר 9, 2010

When I started to work with TFS 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 I have thought what more Microsoft can give me when I already have the perfect tools to work with. Each release starting from the Power Tools, Feature Packs and now the Service Pack 1 I see that the teams working on these products don’t rest, they keep bringing us tools that helps us create better products. Starting from today the Service Pack 1 Beta of TFS 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 are available for the public. The Beta comes with a "go live" license which means that it can...

Feature Pack 2–Testing pack Is Available

יום שלישי, נובמבר 16, 2010

Finally it is here! I have writen about the feature pack 2 in my post: “New Feature Pack For Testing Is About To Be Delivered Including Silverlight Support!” You can download the feature pack only if you are a MSDN Subscriber and you have Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition Premium Edition or Test Professional from here. The Feature Pack 2 is already including Feature Pack 1. Have Fun!!!

New Feature Pack For Testing Is About To Be Delivered Including Silverlight Support!

יום ראשון, נובמבר 14, 2010

A few days ago Brian Harry has announced the New Features and Testing Capabilities that will be released in what the call “Feature Pack 2” that is dedicated to the Testing World. Between these features there is the one thing that many are waiting for: The Recording for Silverlight! Below you can read more about the grate features that will be released with “Feature Pack 2”, the list is taken from Brian Harry’s post that you can read here. Has Soon as this pack will be released I will let you know... Testing Silverlight Applications Now you can test your Silverlight apps as well...

New TFS 2010 Power Tools Are Available! (September Power Tools)

יום ראשון, ספטמבר 19, 2010

I have just installed the new Power Tools. Downloads: TFS Power Tools MSSCCI (Was not updated in this release) Besides the fact that you will need to install the Power Tools both on the Client computers and on the Server nothing is changed in the installation. It is important to have on the Application Tier the SQL Server Management Studio for the Backup and Restore functionality to run correctly, this feature is using it’s API to work. So What Was Changed? These Four things: We now have a Backup and Restore GUI in the TFS Administration Console so every one can now Backup and Restore in...

Work Item Groups In TFS

יום חמישי, יוני 10, 2010

One very nice feature came with TFS 2010 that almost no one knows is the Work Item Groups. In TFS 2010 you can define group of Work Item Types and filter work items using that group, for example lets take different Work Items for requirements: System Requirements and Detailed Requirements. What I like to do is query all the requirements in the system, all I need to do is filter by the group: Requirements. In order to change the categories you will need to export them to an XML file, change the categories and import them back to the server. In order...

TFS 2010 Work Items Basic User Guide – Create And Use Queries

יום חמישי, ינואר 7, 2010

This post is the Forth post out of Five that builds the TFS 2010 Work Items Basic Guide. See the first post: “TFS 2010 Work Items Basic User Guide – Introduction” I have already published posts regarding the creation of new Work Items: “TFS 2010 Work Items Basic User Guide – Create New Work Items” and about the Work Item Links: “TFS 2010 Work Items Basic User Guide – Work Item Link Types” On this post I will talk about Queries. In order to see the Work Items you have entered to the Team System you will need to create a "Search", the...

Office 2010 – New Features And The Movie

יום שני, יולי 13, 2009

Usually I write about Team System or about Methodologies, today I make an exception… I have made a small research about the new office, Office 2010 and it is really cool! Microsoft is giving a fight to Google Docs and they are doing a good job. The new office will be available thru the usual way we all know using the desktop, in addition to that you will be also able to get to your files thru the web and using your mobile computer. You can see the applications that will be apart of the Office 2010 in the following great movie: Have Fun!!!
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