New MTM and Test Automation Course For Testers In Ness College Start In May

אפריל 26, 2011

on May 31st I will start the course on MTM and Test automation in Ness Collage. The course is 40 academic hours, one session a week in the evening. In this course I will show how to use Microsoft Toolbox for Manual and Automation Testing. For more information and registration: I hope too see you there… Have Fun!!!
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How To Install TFS 2010 SP1

אפריל 24, 2011

I have been asked this question many times lately. The installation steps are very simple, just follow these steps: Step 1: Download the Visual Studio 2010 SP1 from here or the ISO format from here Step 2: Download the TFS 2010 SP1 from here Important: Creating a snapshot for TFS is only after shutting down the server, the server MUST be off Step 3: Create a full server backup or Snapshot if you have a virtual machine. Step 4: Turn on the server (If you have created a snapshot) Note: The next step will install all is needed for the Team Explorer that in most cases...

How To: Disable The Binaries Folder In Team Build 2010

אפריל 6, 2011

I have been asked this questions more than once… One of the cases I would like to disable the Binaries folder is: You have your projects target there outputs to custom folders and you have other projects consume the products from these custom folders. So what is the problem? What the Team Build is doing is trying to send all the products of the projects to one central folder, the Binaries folder. In order to disable this behavior all you need to do is the following: Step 1: Open the Build Template Step 2: Go to the MSBuild task Step 3: Open the properties window of...