Web Deploy Using Team Build 2010

פברואר 27, 2011

I had a few projects recently that required me to do a web deployment. What I have used was the Deployment project that you can create in Visual Studio but you can also use the Team Build abilities to do the Web Deployment. I have just read a great post explaining how to do it posted by Simon Timms that you can read in the following link: http://blog.simontimms.com/2010/12/web-deployment-in-tfs-build.html Have Fun!!!
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Videos for “Next Generation Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010” Conference In Microsoft 14/02/2011

פברואר 18, 2011

It was great!!! My first session was about the “Visual Studio Testing Tools” for better quality and my second session was about BI in the Service of the Tester. you can see my previus post regarding this event: "My Session in “Next Generation Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010” Tomorrow" You can download my Power Point Presentation from here. You can also watch the videos in this link:  http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/msdn/archive/2011/02/17/next-generation-testing-14-02-2011.aspx Many thanks for all the people that made it happen and helped me in my preparations!!! Have Fun!!!

Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 SP1 Release Version Is Available

פברואר 13, 2011

It is here, the release version of the Team Explorer Everywhere Service Pack 1. The Development team have invested on fixing bugs and added more functionality to the Team Explorer Everywhere SP1 according to the feedback they have received from the Beta version. I have talked about the new functionality on my post: “Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 SP1 Beta is available” The new functionality is taken from Brian Harry’s post: “Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 SP1 is Available” Auto-connect on Start-up If a Team Explorer view is displayed in your current perspective in Eclipse, then this will connect automatically to your last TFS connection.  You...
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My Session in “Next Generation Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010” Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day for me! I am about to give a session about testing with the Microsoft Testing Tools that were released with the Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010. Unfortunately the registration was closed a few days ago due to lake of sits. I apologize I know that many people couldn’t get a sit on time, some have personally called me but there is nothing I can do about it, we have saved the biggest room Microsoft has to offer. I will try to save another date for this event, I promise to publish the new date if there will...