TFS 2010 Administration Tool 2.1 Was Released – Basic User Guide

ינואר 12, 2011

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Recently we had many releases around TFS 2010, we had the TFS 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 Beta, Team Explorer Everywhere Service Pack 1 Beta, Team Foundation Server 2010 (TFS) and Project Server Integration Beta, Feature Pack 2 and in this post I will continue with the great release news…

Have you ever tried to add a new user and forgot to give it permissions in SharePoint or for the Reporting Services site?

Permissions in Team System is not a simple thing, because Team System is a huge system you have a lot of locations with permissions, the latest release of the TFS 2010 Administration Tools makes life easier for the administrator, you can now grant permissions from one tool.

Installation is straight forward just follow a simple wizard.

You can download it from here.

So lets see how to use it:

Step 1: Launch the application, remember to do that with a powerful user that can grant permissions like an administrator user


Step 2: Click the “Connect” button


Step 3: Choose the server



Step 4: Choose the Collection and Projects to managed


Step 5: Click “Connect”


Step 6:  Double click a project name on the left to load the users and permissions


Step 7: Click “Add User(s)” to add a new user or group


Step 8: Click “Browse” to browse a user or a group from the Active Directory


Step 9: Type a user or a group name and click “OK”



The user is now added and you can add permissions for this user or group


Step 10: Add permissions to the user or group in every one of the sections: TFS, SharePoint and Reporting Services

Step 11: Click OK


Step 12: Click the “Commit Changes” in order to finish the process


That is all, from here you can Edit a user’s permissions or delete a user by choosing the user or group and click the button in the tool bar.


This tool is a powerful tool, I know of a few customers of mine that wanted me to build something like that and I am glade that someone did it before me.

Have Fun!!!

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