Visual Studio Test Manager 2010 – Exploratory Testing

דצמבר 7, 2010

One of the things missing in most of the Testing Tools is the “Exploratory Testing”, where the tester runs an unmanaged tests which means that no steps reproduction is done when he finds a bug.

Not Anymore…

In Visual Studio Test Manager 2010 there is a great function called Exploratory Bug, so how do we use it?

Step 1: First create a Test Case that will be the shell for the exploratory test, all you will need to do is write the Title and the meta data for the Test Case

Step 4_Exploretory_Testing

Step 2: Run the test case from the “Test Tab”

Step 5_Run_Exploretory_Testing

Step 3: Check the “Create Action Recording” checkbox

Step 4: Click the “Start Test”

Step 6_Start_Exploretory

You can see the “Currently Recording” icon on the recorded window

Step 5: Explore your application up to the point where you find a bug

Step 7_recording

Step 6: From the toolbar open the “Bugs Dropdown List” and choose: “Create exploratory bug”

Step 8_Create_Exploretory_Bugs

At this point you will have a bar that shows you the test time range where the collectors have collected your test data.

If your test was long you will not need to save all the collected data in order for the developer to reproduce the bug, part of this data will be more than enough.

Step 7: Choose the range of data from the collectors you like to save to the bug.

Step 8: Click “Use range to create bug”

Step 9_Bug_Range

The Test Manager will automatically open as new bug with all the collectors data you have chosen to save.

You can see this data in the following Screenshots:

Screenshot 1: The bug and its data in the “Details Tab”

Step 10_Exploretory_bug_details

Screenshot 2: User Action Log

Step 11_Action_Log

Screenshot 3: Event Log

Step 12_Event_Log_with_Exception

Screenshot 4: Video

Step 13_Video

Screenshot 5: System Information

Step 14_System_Info

There is more information that you can collect in your test, the information that will be collected is depend on the collectors that you “turn on” in your test settings.

Have Fun!!!

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