“Team For Word” A TFS Word Client and a User Guide For It

דצמבר 28, 2010

A few days ago I have encountered a very nice tool that is called “Team For Word” Until now I have worked with the “Team Spec” that cost a license compares to this tool that is totally free and with an open source. In the past few days I have worked a lot with the “Team For Word” on clients sites, we have tried to see if this tool can replace the “Team Spec” and the answer is not simple. This tool has some abilities that”Team Spec” doesn’t have like presenting all the work items from a query with links and attachments,...

TFS 2010 Configuration Tool For Existing MOSS Server 2007 Or 2010 (SharePoint)

דצמבר 26, 2010

I have just encountered a very nice tool that helps connect TFS 2010 to SharePoint Server that was not installed with the TFS. When Do I Use It? (From Download Site) You can use this tool to configure an existing installation of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for use with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. The tool automates the configuration of the following features with certain default values, which are explained in the configuration instructions that are included with the tool. The tool will skip configuring a feature if it is already enabled and...
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Visual Verification With Coded UI Test (Image Comparison)

דצמבר 20, 2010

There are times where we need to do a Visual Verification to our application, in Coded UI tests this task is now possible using the TestApi. “TestApi is a library of test and utility APIs that enables developers and testers to create testing tools and automated tests for .NET and Win32 applications. TestApi provides a set of common test building blocks -- types, data-structures and algorithms -- in a simple, layered, componentized and documented stack.” The TestApi can be downloaded here. A good explanation of how to add the Visual Verification to the Coded UI Test can be found in Ivo Manolov’s...

Team Foundation Server 2010 (TFS) and Project Server Integration Is Now Available In Beta

דצמבר 14, 2010

The integration between MSProject and Team Foundation Server is available even in earlier versions of TFS. I have worked with this integration in many of our customers with great success but… There are organizations that needs more than a simple MSProject client, they need to have a better integration between there projects and better resources management. The project Server Integration was a requirement for a long time, many of my customer keep asking me when it will be available, I kept using the same answer: “Soon…”. Today I come with a different answer: “It is here!” Brian Harry has announced that the TFS &...
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Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and TFS 2010 SP1–What’s New? (Summary)

דצמבר 12, 2010

Since the release of the new SP1 beta of TFS 2010 and VS2010 that I have published about in my post: "Visual Studio 2010 And TFS 2010 Service Pack 1 Beta Has Released" ,  I have received a lot of questions about what’s new. I have just read a very good post by: “Learn TFS” that summarize all that is new in this service pack. You can read more in: “Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and TFS 2010 SP1 Roundup” Have Fun!!!

Visual Studio 2010 And TFS 2010 Service Pack 1 Beta Has Released

דצמבר 9, 2010

When I started to work with TFS 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 I have thought what more Microsoft can give me when I already have the perfect tools to work with. Each release starting from the Power Tools, Feature Packs and now the Service Pack 1 I see that the teams working on these products don’t rest, they keep bringing us tools that helps us create better products. Starting from today the Service Pack 1 Beta of TFS 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 are available for the public. The Beta comes with a "go live" license which means that it can...

Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server(TFS) 2010 Virtual Machine Was Just Released

A new Virtual Machine was released for evaluation purpose. The Virtual Machine is a preconfigured Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio with all the latest releases and patches. Download details pages: · Visual Studio 2010 RTM (Hyper-V) · Visual Studio 2010 RTM (Windows Virtual PC) · Visual Studio 2010 RTM (Virtual PC 2007 SP1) Overview from the site: This virtual machine is pre-configured with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. It is designed to provide an easy way to evaluate and learn the Visual Studio 2010 family of technologies. A set of hands-on-labs / demo scripts are...
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Visual Studio Test Manager 2010 – Exploratory Testing

דצמבר 7, 2010

One of the things missing in most of the Testing Tools is the “Exploratory Testing”, where the tester runs an unmanaged tests which means that no steps reproduction is done when he finds a bug. Not Anymore… In Visual Studio Test Manager 2010 there is a great function called Exploratory Bug, so how do we use it? Step 1: First create a Test Case that will be the shell for the exploratory test, all you will need to do is write the Title and the meta data for the Test Case Step 2: Run the test case from the “Test Tab” Step 3: Check...

What is "Static Testing"?

דצמבר 5, 2010

Many times when I go to a client and tell him that his QA team needs to start at the beginning of the project's development process I see a wondering look at his eyes. A good QA process needs to start as early as possible in the development process, the type of testing that is being done at that early stage called "Static Testing". "Static Testing" is basically documentation testing and code testing but without using the software, for example "Code Reviews". When the software is used for testing it is called "Dynamic Testing". In this post I will focus on the...
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My Session On Tech-Ed Was Great, Thank You!!!

דצמבר 2, 2010

On 29/11/2010 I had my session in Tech-Ed with Coby Peled and Mani Zalzman. We have talked about the Lab Management and its abilities, we have seen how the Lab Management can speed up my development and testing and how it can leverage my product’s quality. You can download our presentation from here. I wanted to thank a few people that made this presentation so grate. First I like to thank Coby for his support and mentoring during all the preparations for this session. Meni that helped a lot from his grate experience and deep knowledge with the product. Tzvia Gitlin for all the help...
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