TFS 2010 Alerts User Guide – Introduction

ספטמבר 26, 2010

Many times I am being asked about the Email alerts in TFS, I must admit that I had been lazy lately regarding this subject but that is now changed with this new User Guide. There are two alert methods to be used: Pull Alerts – Where the user decides which alerts to receive Push Alerts – Where the administrator decides which alerts each of the users will receive The Pull Alerts in my opinion is an unnecessary using Team System and I will explain why: In Team System you get all the information where ever you are and what ever tool you are using,...

New TFS 2010 Power Tools Are Available! (September Power Tools)

ספטמבר 19, 2010

I have just installed the new Power Tools. Downloads: TFS Power Tools MSSCCI (Was not updated in this release) Besides the fact that you will need to install the Power Tools both on the Client computers and on the Server nothing is changed in the installation. It is important to have on the Application Tier the SQL Server Management Studio for the Backup and Restore functionality to run correctly, this feature is using it’s API to work. So What Was Changed? These Four things: We now have a Backup and Restore GUI in the TFS Administration Console so every one can now Backup and Restore in...

SQL Server Error: “Could Not Obtain Information about windows NT group/user domain\UserName error code 0x5”

ספטמבר 17, 2010

I have seen this error at one of my customers sites, the main problem we had is to get to the the source of this error. So what were the symptoms? The SQL Server was installed to serve the TFS 2010, in the installation we saw no problem at all and the server worked well. The first time we noticed that we have a problem was when we tried to backup the databases using the SQL Server Maintenance Plan, we have received an error from the plan’s job. when trying to understand what the problem is we saw no errors at the “Windows...
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How Do “Visual Studio 2010 Web Performance Test” and “Visual Studio 2010 Load Test” Cache Works?

ספטמבר 2, 2010

In order to model the real world while we test our applications for performance most chances we will need to test using the cache located on client’s computers. Both in “Web Performance Test” and “Load Test” we have the ability to do that, but how does it really works? In both cases the cache will be saved in memory! Web Performance Test: The only requests in the test scenario that will “benefit” from using the Cache are the requests that repeats in the test scenario, for example: getting to home page twice in one scenario. Load Test: The first run of the...