Final Lab Management Release, Fixes and New Features All In One Installation

אוגוסט 24, 2010

Microsoft has released the final lab management version, with this version Microsoft has released some fixes and new functionality.

The Fixes and New Functionality refers to the following:


  • Labels created in TFS2008 do not contain items after migration to TFS 2010 under certain rename/delete conditions.

  • TFS Cannot be re-installed (ATOnly) targeting a database that was patched before.

  • Tfs2010Beta2ToRTM operation is not executed when RC database is upgraded by post RTM server (RTM + Patch1 or SP1).

TFS Build

  • VS2008 “smart device” projects pick up the 2010 MSTEST rather than the 2008 one.

  • Unavailable build agents are pinged indefinitely rather than giving up after an hour.

  • Duplicate changeset listings in build report.

  • Test results for VS2008 solution not published in case of a failed test.

  • Cannot delete build drops if a controller goes down

  • Open Process File Location” grayed out on menu- right click on a build definition when connected to a TFS 2008 server

Version Control

  • Branch from label has been removed in TFS 2010 – now it’s back.

  • Convert folder to branch on a hierarchy root folder with children and cycle renames crashes VS.

  • Unshelve reports bogus errors about a null DownloadUrl when dependent renames are shelved and child item names overlap.

  • Incorrect query plan on QueryPendingChanges when querying all users pending changes can lead to bad performance.

  • merge /discard in both directions causes unnecessary “empty” merges in future merge attempts.

  • Issue in merge causes a conflict not to be generated when there is a rename in the target and source.

  • Overly aggressive automatic detection of file encoding can result in inappropriate encoding mismatches during merges.

Work Item Tracking

  • Work item queries containing references to deleted fields can cause a red X on the work items node.

Team Web Access

  • Firefox Browser: "Link Selected Items to a New Work Item" and other dialogs don't launch pages successfully

  • Chrome Browser: Adding an attachment doesn't work

  • Chrome Browser: Select Query Dropdown doesn't work in Choose Work Items window

  • Chrome Browser: Retain/Delete a build in Build Report page will get an exception “Unexpected callback response”

  • Query Picker Web Part Incorrectly Renders List Items (Rows) in List View (Overflow DIVs) within WebKit-based Browsers (including Safari, Chrome, etc)

Note: Taken from Brian Harries Post “TFS 2010 updates coming to a download site near you”

The update should be installed on any machine that has: Visual Studio 2010 (All versions), TFS 2010, Test Controller, Build Machine, Test Agent or Lab Agent.

The Patch You Need To Install On Your Clients And Server

Have Fun!!!

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