How TFS “Remaining Work” And “Completed Work” Fields Are being Updated From MSProject

אוגוסט 11, 2010

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There is a change in the TFS 2010 Release version working with the MSProject.

This change has confused me too when I first so it although I have worked a lot with the MSProject and TFS and have trained many users using it.

What is the symptom?

When creating tasks in MSProject and assigning duration for these tasks the Remaining Work and Completed Work fields in TFS Work Items stay “0” instead of getting the values of the duration.

What is the reason for that and how it really works?

The mapped fields from the MSProject are:

Remaining Work –> Remaining Work (MSProject)

Completed Work –> Actual Work (MSProject)

The formula is: Work = Remaining Work + Actual Work

When creating a new task and assigning Duration the Duration is being copied to the Work field and the Work field is filling the Remaining Work field.

What appends in TFS 2010 release version is that “Work” field is only updated when the task has a resource only than the “Duration” field value will be copied to the “Work” field.

So in order to get the values for these two fields we will need to stop use the nice shortcut of: “I will assign the task later” and start working with assigned resource for each task being updated to the TFS.

Lets take an example:

Action: I am creating a new task name Demo in MSProject with duration of 2 days and Publish the task to TFS.

Result: Remaining work is 0 and Completed work is 0

Action: I am assigning the task to: Eran Ruso and publish the task to TFS

Result: Remaining work is now 16 hours and Completed Work is 0

By the way what about “Estimation (Original)” field, this field will have a value when I set the Baseline in MSProject, it gets its value from “Work Baseline” MSProject field

Have Fun!!!

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  1. Duong Thi Minhספטמבר 9, 2010 ב 10:12

    The post helps me out of the same confusion. Thank you very much!