MSDN Now Has Topic Version Selector

אוגוסט 29, 2010

Until today when you searched in MSDN for a topic you could easily confuse between the different versions of a product for example reading a feature for TFS 2008 when you searched for the feature for TFS 2010. Microsoft now added a Topic Version Selector that lets you choose the version of the product you need. I think this is a small feature that makes life much easier and the MSDN more usable. Have Fun!!!
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Final Lab Management Release, Fixes and New Features All In One Installation

אוגוסט 24, 2010

Microsoft has released the final lab management version, with this version Microsoft has released some fixes and new functionality. The Fixes and New Functionality refers to the following: Install/Upgrade Labels created in TFS2008 do not contain items after migration to TFS 2010 under certain rename/delete conditions. TFS Cannot be re-installed (ATOnly) targeting a database that was patched before. Tfs2010Beta2ToRTM operation is not executed when RC database is upgraded by post RTM server (RTM + Patch1 or SP1). TFS Build VS2008 “smart device” projects pick up the 2010 MSTEST rather than the 2008 one. Unavailable build agents are pinged indefinitely rather than giving up after...

TFS Integration Platform Was Released

אוגוסט 15, 2010

There is a repeating question that I am being asked a lot, “Can TFS be integrated with other tools?” The answer to that question is “Yes” TFS has a wide API to connect to so I can write a tool that connects to the API of the TFS from one side and to the API of the other tool from the other side, the result is a connector that integrates between the tools. Today the answer is even simpler, Microsoft has seen the need in the market to connect TFS to other tools and released an Integration Platform with a few...
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How TFS “Remaining Work” And “Completed Work” Fields Are being Updated From MSProject

אוגוסט 11, 2010

There is a change in the TFS 2010 Release version working with the MSProject. This change has confused me too when I first so it although I have worked a lot with the MSProject and TFS and have trained many users using it. What is the symptom? When creating tasks in MSProject and assigning duration for these tasks the Remaining Work and Completed Work fields in TFS Work Items stay “0” instead of getting the values of the duration. What is the reason for that and how it really works? The mapped fields from the MSProject are: Remaining Work –> Remaining Work (MSProject) Completed Work –>...
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How To Change Database Owner?

I am not a DBA or a Database expert but this task is quite common (At least as I see it) To change a Database owner all you need to do is use the stored procedure “sp_changedbowner” with the new User Name. The SQL Query is: “EXEC sp_changedbowner ‘\’ You will need to execute it on the required database and that is all. Have Fun!!!
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Creating MTLM Test Plan Desktop Shortcut

אוגוסט 6, 2010

The MTLM has a very nice feature, it alouse you to copy the shortcut of a test plan. There are a lot of things you can do with this very simple feature, for example: You can send the shortcut by mail You can paste it to a document or a work item You can send it with an Instant messaging tool and more… I like to show you another usage of this feature, you can create Desktop Icons for your Test Plans. Just follow these steps: Step 1: Launch the MTLM Step 2: Get to the Test Plans page Step 3: Choose the required plan Step 4: Click the “Copy...
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