Microsoft® Visual Studio® Scrum 1.0 Template Was Released

יולי 19, 2010

אין תגובות

Today it happens!

Microsoft is releasing the Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0

In this template Microsoft is using the SCRUM terminology both with the Work Items and the Reports.

We can find there the following Work Items:


With the following Workflows:


We can also find the following Reports:

  • Release Burndown

  • Velocity

  • Sprint Burndown

Release_Burndown Sprint_Burndown Velocity

Note: all images were taken from Brian Harry’s post: “A Scrum Process Template for TFS”

In “The Forrester Wave: Agile Development Management Tools, Q2 2010” we can find that Forrester names Microsoft a “leader” between 10 vendors offering Agile development management tools.

You can download the Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 here.

Have Fun!!!

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