Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI Test User Guide – Create A Simple Coded UI Test

מרץ 27, 2010

This post is the Second post out of Four that builds the Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI Test User Guide. See the first post: “Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI Test User Guide - Introduction” On this post I will show how to create a simple Coded UI Test.   The example I will use in this guide created by Microsoft and is called: “IBuySpay” The example is a web application but we will use its GUI in the Coded UI Test. A few guide lines before we start: To create a test you need to have a Test Project Base every Automated Test on a predefined...

How To Use Team Explorer 2005 With TFS 2010

מרץ 25, 2010

I know some of you are waiting for it and now it is finally here: The Team Explorer 2005 extensibility patch for TFS 2010. Download it from the following URL: I think that the connection to the server user experience will be the same as the Visual Studio 2008 user experience. Refer to my post: “How To Connect To The TFS 2010 With Team Explorer 2008” for how to connect. I did not test it, simply because I don’t use Visual Studio 2005 any more so if someone tried it and can share his experience please comment to this post. Have Fun!!!

How To Investigate Existing Code Using The Visual Studio 2010 Architect Tools

מרץ 19, 2010

How many times you have spent hours on code just to understand what it does? How many of these times it was your own code? From my experience the answer to both of these questions is A LOT! In Visual Studio 2010 we can find a set of tools that can help us understand the code a lot faster. On This post I will show some of the abilities we get with the Visual Studio 2010 Architect Tools when investigating an existing code. Note: The Architect Tools is in the Visual Studio Ultimate Edition only. Lets start with ways to investigate an existing code,...

How Do I Manage Documents In Team System? (SharePoint)

מרץ 5, 2010

I have been asked that question almost in each project I am doing. The answer is very simple: with SharePoint. When I give this answer I get a curious look, and the following question will be: “Why?” SharePoint is a huge product that does many wonderful things, in this post I like to show how it can help us manage our documents. First thing that you will need to know is that when you create a Team Project you also create a SharePoint site, actually what you create is Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) site which is a free edition of SharePoint. In each site...

How To Get To The Web Access In TFS 2010

מרץ 2, 2010

In TFS 2008 the Web Access was a different installation and it came as a Power Tool to the TFS. In TFS 2010 the Web Access is installed automatically and is part of the TFS. In order to get to the Web Access in TFS 2010 do the following: In your preferred browser type: http://:8080/tfs/web/ YourServerName is the tfs name for example: http://tfs-srv:8080/tfs/web/ Or you can get to it from the Team Project SharePoint Site:   Have Fun!!!