Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI Test User Guide – Introduction

פברואר 25, 2010

In Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft has added the Coded UI Test.

Back to history:

In Visual Studio 2005 Microsoft presented the Tester Edition, it contained the following parts:

  1. Web Test Automation Test

  2. Performance Test

  3. Unit Test

  4. Something that should have been a Manual Test, it was word or text documents contained the Test Cases. Practically no one used it.

In Visual Studio 2008 tester edition no significant changes has been made.

In Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft added more parts to the Tester Edition and created a new tool for the Tester called Microsoft Test and Lab Management (MTLM).

I will not get into all the new functionality added to Team System 2010 but I will list the main parts:

  1. Web

  2. Web Test Automation Test

  3. Performance Test

  4. Unit Test

  5. Test Cases management

  6. Manual tests

  7. Coded UI Tests

  8. Lab Management

In the following 3 posts of the user guide  I will focus on the main tasks using the Coded UI Test, best practices with the tool and with automation tests in general.

These are the Blog Posts subjects:

  1. Create A Simple Coded UI Test

  2. Get A Coded UI Test Created In Manual Test Using The MTLM Tool

  3. Add Validation To Your Coded UI Tests

The Guide will be published in my codeplex project: “TFS Guides” when finished, you can also find there more TFS guides.

I have also published a video, the video shows all the steps and examples from this guide: “Coded UI Test Demo – Video Hebrew”

Have Fun!!!

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5 תגובות

  1. Miro77יוני 14, 2010 ב 14:01

    Great video demonstrate, to get first snapshot on Coded UI.

  2. Michael Durthalerדצמבר 14, 2010 ב 14:37

    Just thought I'd point out that 4th is spelled out as Fourth. 🙂

    Also, where is there detailed info as to how to use Playback.Inialize(); Playback.Cleanup(); etc?

    There is no detailed guide that does other than explain how to record and playback a test.  I'm running into many issues where I have to figure my way around obstacles.  I've got 28 pages of document so far that spell out what certain stumbling blocks are and how to work around them.

    Where is there a manual with Coded UI Testing that probably is better than what I've worked out?

  3. Eran Rusoדצמבר 14, 2010 ב 14:49

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your comment…

    Regarding the document, I don't know of one guide that gives you everything.

    I will be glad to publish what you have accomplished with your document (If you like me to publish it)

    you can contact me at: if you have a specific question.

  4. Johnינואר 24, 2011 ב 9:50


    I have recorded a script in Coded UI, where the user searches a website and clicks on one of the hyperlinks (search results), views the page and closes the browser.

    Can you please tell me how to dynamically choose links from the search results while the same test is run?

    Thanks & Regards

  5. Eran Rusoינואר 24, 2011 ב 23:53

    Hi John,

    After recording your test you will need to code in order to get this task done.

    When coding you have all the flexability of C# or VB.NET languages.

    Good Luck!!!