TFS 2010 Work Items Basic User Guide – Introduction

דצמבר 22, 2009

Team System is very powerful when it comes to manage development and QA, in order to manage development and QA you will need to have Requirements, Tasks, Bugs etc. and the links between them.

In Team System there is a generic object that covers all that is needed, it is called Work Item.

What is a Work Item?

A work item is a generic object that has types, for example: Requirement, Task, Bug, etc.

The Work Item types that are available "out of the box" in Team system are not the only types available, you can create new types as needed in your QA and development process.

Using these Work Items you can control your development and QA processes, for example using bugs will help you manage the quality of your product.

All Work Item types are configurable, it is required in order to have the System, Support the methodologies and process you are using and not the other way.

How to create new types and how to make configurations to the Work Item types, are subjects that will be covered in different guide.

In the following 4 posts that will be related to this user guide I will focus on the day to day tasks with Work Items using the Team Explorer 2010.

These are the blog posts subjects:

  1. Create new Work Items in different ways

  2. Explanation On Work Items Links that are one of the big changes In TFS 2010 

  3. Create and use queries

  4. Create new Work Items out of existing work items

This guide will help new users to start using the Team System and it will help existing users to use the Team System more efficiently.

The Guide will be published in my codeplex project: “Team System Guides” when finished.

Have Fun!!!

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