TFS 2010 Work Items Basic User Guide – Work Item Link Types

דצמבר 30, 2009

This post is the Third post out of Five that builds the TFS 2010 Work Items Basic Guide. See the first post: “TFS 2010 Work Items Basic User Guide – Introduction” I have already published regarding the creation of new Work Items: “TFS 2010 Work Items Basic User Guide – Create New Work Items” On this post I will talk about one of the big changes in TFS 2010 is the Link types between Work Items! In any development process you will have many Work Items, Work Items in the development process are related to one another in many cases, in Team...

TFS 2010 Work Items Basic User Guide – Create New Work Items

This post is the second post out of Five that builds the TFS 2010 Work Items Basic Guide. See the first post: “TFS 2010 Work Items Basic User Guide – Introduction” On this post I will show different ways to create new work items from the Team Explorer 2010. In order to show the Team Explorer in Visual Studio click on its icon. There are two main methods to create Work Items, from the Team Explorer --> Work Items menu or from the Team tab. In order to create a new work item from the Team Explorer --> Work Items menu...

Web Access Error: “Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name": length”

דצמבר 28, 2009

  The problem is that some users can’t get to the Alerts section of the Web Access. The cause of the problem is unknown, I have tried to go into the Database and find the cause for the problem in one of my clients sites and I was unsuccessful in doing that. I have also tried to reinstall the Web Access with the same result. Microsoft say that this is a known bug and it will be fixed in the next Web Access release version. Has for Web Access 2008 SP1 it is not fixed yet. Have Fun

A New Process Management Tool For Team System – Talmia

דצמבר 23, 2009

There is a new process management tool made by Talmia company. The tool makes process management easier based on work flow concept. The “Big Picture” of working in Talmia is: You start by Defining your Scenarios, each in its own work flow: You Deploy the Process and all its Scenarios after defining them and Talmia will automatically synchronize with the TFS by creating all the work items and activating them based on the work flow. The Execute section is just following the work items Talmia activate and finish them. During the all process you monitor the progress of the Scenarios and the total...
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TFS 2010 Work Items Basic User Guide – Introduction

דצמבר 22, 2009

Team System is very powerful when it comes to manage development and QA, in order to manage development and QA you will need to have Requirements, Tasks, Bugs etc. and the links between them. In Team System there is a generic object that covers all that is needed, it is called Work Item. What is a Work Item? A work item is a generic object that has types, for example: Requirement, Task, Bug, etc. The Work Item types that are available "out of the box" in Team system are not the only types available, you can create new types as needed in your...

How To Find The List Of Users That Are Logged In To TFS?

דצמבר 20, 2009

There are times when you need to know who are the users that are logged in to TFS, there are many reasons why you need this information starting from troubleshooting and ends with usage statistics. In this blog I will answer another question that I am been asked all the time: “Why the hell do I need the TfsActivityLogging database?” Here is why, in order for you to get the list of users logged in to TFS and the Log in history do the following: Step 1: Open the SQL Server Management Studio (With Administrative rights) Step 2: Connect to the SQL Server...

Manage Branches And Changes In TFS 2010 – Overview

דצמבר 7, 2009

In TFS 2008 you could create Branches so what is the big change??? In TFS 2008 you don’t know which of the folders are Branches:  All folders looks the same, all have the folder icon. In TFS 2008 you don’t have the tools to manage the Branches: You don’t have visual means to know which of the branches are related and what is the relation type. In TFS 2008 you can’t track the changes path between the Branches: If you have made a merge in a Branch you can’t track from which Branch this Merge came from. All these problems are...

New SideKicks Version Was Released 2.4

דצמבר 3, 2009

There is a new SideKicks version that was released for TFS 2008 and TFS 2005. Personally I don’t see any amazing new functionality that was released with the new version, a few bug fixes the best new functionality that I could find was the search for users in the server. Any way if you are SideKicks fan (And I know of many that are) than this link is for you: Have Fun!!!
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Microsoft Has Purchased Teamprise Division Of SourceGear

Microsoft has announced that they have purchased the Teamprise division of SourceGear. By doing that Microsoft now supports all main development platforms and gives its customers the ability to work both with Microsoft Technologies and none Microsoft Technologies and still benefit from the amazing world of the Team System, Congratulations!!! Brian Harry has posted regarding the purchase: Have Fun!!!
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New Power Tools Release For Team System 2010

דצמבר 2, 2009

It seems that Microsoft doesn’t let us bread with all the new releases she makes. Microsoft has released the first build for the Team Explorer 2010 Power Tools not all its functionality is available yet but it will be available with the official release. The installation process is very simple and like with the Team Explorer 2008 Power Tools October release all will be installed using the “Next” button with the Exception of the Shell Extensions that are installed for the BPA tools. In order to install the Shell Extensions you will need to explicitly choose it. When you first launch the Visual...