Microsoft Test And Lab Management – Create And Manage Test Cases (Part 2)

יולי 29, 2009

I have started to write about the “Microsoft Test And Lab Management” in the Introduction post where I presented three sections in the tool: Testing Center, Lab Center and Organize.

You can read the post “Team System 2010 Beta 1 “Microsoft Test And Lab Management” – Introduction” of the introduction.

I intend to create a quick guide for the “Microsoft Test And Lab Management” out of these posts that will be published in the “Team System Guides”.

When working with the “Microsoft Test And Lab Management” for the first time you will need to start with the Organize section where you do 4 things:

  1. Create Sheared Steps for Test Cases

  2. Create Test Cases

  3. Create Configurations

  4. Create Test Plans

You can start by doing each of the tasks, the order here is the order I will use for my example.

I have already published how to manage shared steps “Microsoft Test And Lab Management – Create And Manage Shared Steps (Part 1)”.

In this post I will show the Test Cases.

Step 1: In order to open the “Organize” launch the tool and select the Organize option.


The “Organize” toolbar will be shown.

Step 2: Click on the “Test Cases” option to get to the Shared Steps management.


Step 3: Clicking on the “New” button will open a new Test Case form.

The first part of the form is for managing the item.


Second part of the form is the Steps, Summary, History, Links and File Attachments.

I like to focus on the Steps section, all the other parts are similar to regular work items.

In the Steps tab you can see two parts:

  1. Steps, Expected Results and the step attachment.

  2. Parameters

In the steps I will use the @ to refer to a parameter.

In the parameters section I have entered two lines, each line of parameters will be an iteration of the test when I run it later in the process.


After filling all the fields all you left to do is click on the “Save and Close” button or the “Save” button and you will have a Test Case ready to run.


There is one more function I haven’t talked about in the “Test Cases Manager”, the Create Copy Button – Highlighting a Test Case line and click the button will create a new Test Case item with the steps already written, saves time when there are similar scenarios with small changes.

You can always modify the Test Case Steps, just open the item, make all the required changes and save it again.

Have Fun!!!

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